Where is the Best Internet Marketing School?

How does one even begin finding such a thing?
Where are the credible places to learn?
What are the options?

Online educators or offline educators…what’s best?

One would easily assume that an offline classroom with a human teacher at the front of the room would be the best road to go. 

We are definitely conditioned to automatically think you need a “real” school to learn anything of value.

The offline schools, universities and colleges know that this is the predominant perception among many and they happily and shamelessly charge you an arm and both legs for it.

I believe the reason they have done it for years and continue to do it because they can. Simple as that. 

Many neighborhood colleges and universities have not yet begun to offer much in the way of online based courses in Online Marketing, SEO and Website Building itself.

Time to Think of Alternatives in EducationIt’s time we look for alternatives in learning. Think outside of the “normal” ways of becoming educated. The internet has blown the lid off how we gain knowledge.

We now have the ability to learn endless new things easily anytime we want with just a good internet connection.

Of course, some professions like doctors and dentists need traditional university education (I’m not referring to those) but many other careers and jobs are shifting over to a digital education model.

This is reducing costs in a lot of cases and opening up higher level education to many more people.

If you’re reading this then I’m willing to bet you are seriously keen and ready to make a change in your life.

If you can describe yourself as “motivated” or “determined” then stick with me because you’ve just found all that you need to begin learning in one handy place.

Where to Start

The brick and mortar post-secondary schools in the neighborhoods are slow to catch up and either don’t offer online marketing/website building education at all or they offer a minuscule bit of information at insultingly high prices.

The point is made perfectly right here: Read this course outline. Below is an excerpt from this outline of their course pertaining to SEO. This is posted from a large well known university with a good reputation.  

Search Engine Optimization – Accelerated Course

The success of any eCommerce site relies on relevant traffic from search engines, and the most effective way to achieve this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In this 100% online course, you learn SEO skills through a story-centred curriculum, in which you complete tasks and objectives that build on an actual workplace project.

Learn techniques related to:

key word selection
key word placement
refactoring website content
other optimization methods for search engine optimization
evaluate results by running a captive search engine to improve a site’s search rankings

This course is suited to web developers, eCommerce specialists and online marketers with basic HTML knowledge.

“Key word”? I think that should be “Keyword”, “Accelerated” what does that mean? This course is faster than what?

Regarding who this course is targeted at, I would think that

“web developers, eCommerce specialists and online marketers with basic HTML knowledge”

would already be well skilled in what this course says it teaches. 

I don’t have a lot of faith in the program as a whole if they can’t get the spelling right on one of the most vital elements of SEO. 

Read this article for the complete dissection of this course and you won’t believe what little information is actually given for this outrageous cost.

This article explains why you should never pay that amount of money for what they are offering. It’s robbery.

I don’t believe this is the only large university doing this, check your local areas.

For the cost of this course you could have 3+ years (approx. 42 months) worth of Premium membership in my #1 rated training center

To Google or Not to Google?

The answer is always YES.

It’s so easy to just go “Google” something. I love the fact the Google (the company and website etc) has also become a verb, “to Google” is now an action word.

The internet has added to and changed our vocabulary greatly!

In general, I think the internet has made us smarter as a whole and has completely connected the world in a way that’s never been seen before and it’s breaking new ground everyday.

Online Education vs. Biz-OpBiz-Ops vs. Legitimate Online Education

Online internet marketing education, has always been lumped together with “make money at home” products.

They are not the same things at all.

Legitimate online marketing education gained a shady reputation just by association because of the insane numbers of “make money at home” shiesters whom are rampant on the internet.

I mean the ones that push magic, but secret money making information and products down your throat which they say will make you rich by tomorrow afternoon by doing nothing without a website.

Don’t fall for it! It doesn’t happen.

Online income will only happen after you learn a lot and make the best website you can.

So Much GarbageSo Much Garbage Online, How Do You Sort It Out?

The terrible “opportunities” are so numerous that they bury the good opportunities deeper in the search results so you have a hard time finding them.

These shiesters are just out to take your money for themselves and run. They have no interest at all in delivering a quality product or service.

They open up and shut down their websites frequently. They definitely don’t care to help you get your own website started.

There is Hope!

Thankfully it’s not all like that and there are still some people and companies offering really good services as far as internet marketing education.Find Great Keywords Easily with Proper Training

My #1 choice is Wealthy Affiliate. This is 100% online based, very intensive and self-directed, but company supported training.

Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here

There are a few other good places to learn, these are two more:



Slowly, the tides are turning and online internet marketing education is becoming more credible, accepted and of much higher quality.

The legitimate online educators are finally becoming known as a completely separate thing than the “biz-ops”.

However, the word is slow to get out and a lot of people are still buying the crappy products thinking they are what they say they are and will deliver.

If you are not sure what I’m referring to please read the article How to Spot a Scam.

Please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts or opinions. 

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