I’m betting that if you’ve landed on this page then you want to know the straight goods, no BS answer to the question:

What is Wealthy Affiliate?Wealthy Affiliate - Should I Join?

I don’t blame you. I’m sure you’ve seen it every time you turn around online.

I’m guessing you have been looking for a way to make money from home for at least a little while. I’m glad you ended up here.

Somehow you sifted through all the garbage products and found Wealthy Affiliate.

It just keeps coming up again and again. Why is that?

The funny part is that I thought the same thing six years ago before I decided to join WA. Many of the reviews I found were so positive that it made me wonder if they were even real!

I can tell you after six years and countless hours of first hand experience using the tools and WA community that the testimonials are absolutely true.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of those rare things that actually is as good as it sounds. Actually…it’s better!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a large, vibrant community of business minded people all engaged in some form of online marketing. Most members are quick to help another out with questions or guidance.

In addition to it being a busy and productive ever-evolving community it is the most comprehensive set of website building tools and technical support you’ll ever find in one place.

WA has in-house hosting and support team that takes care of everything and keeps your website secure and up and running all the time. This service is worth more than the membership fee alone.

The yearly membership is the most cost effective way to join WA.

The cost of the yearly membership is less than $1 USD a day. This cost includes access EVERY part of the site and all of the first class support. There are no hidden fees or any surprises.

If buying a yearly membership is not financially possible right now, there is a monthly membership that costs about $1.57 per day for the entire package ($47 per month).

This is still a ridiculously low cost for all of the features you get and the endless training.

Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic golden nugget of awesomeness. If you’ve ever dreamed of making money online then this is the place you need to join and start learning from. It worked for me and countless others, it can for you too. 

Take a Look Inside

Shown below is the main dashboard of the Premium membership dashboard. The arrows point out some of the larger features that are there to use:

Active chat room that runs 24/7
The in-house affiliate program
Training and tools
The community support
The continuous posting of members’ successes

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard Features

The screenshot would be completely blacked out if I placed an arrow for each feature that WA has just on the main dashboard.

You’ll see in the upper left corner, the menu there has the links to the two separate series of focused training courses.

This is in addition to all the hundreds of hours training tutorials that the owners and members have made themselves for the community to use and share.

This is a completely unique feature to WA.

Have Questions? Find Answers.

Conveniently located along the very top horizontal menu, you’ll notice the empty field in which to type your question. It says:

“Need help Stacy? Ask your question here”.

When you enter your question here, it will bring up a list of training and conversation threads related to the topic of your query. The system also posts it to the entire group so it can be answered in real time.

You’ll quite often find or receive an answer (or several answers) to your question in a very short time. Usually there is an experienced member on-hand to answer the questions. Sometimes the owners themselves are online as well and you’ll get direct help from them too.

I asked the question “How to Choose a Niche?”. The system brought back results of no less than 21 different resources to get the answer to this question.

Ask a Question to the Community

Although the community is global and open 24/7, you’ll find that during different hours of the day, there are some quiet times that the community is not as active. It’s never quiet for very long and will come back to life after not too long.

It’s a Virtual School 

There are currently 13 amazing “Classrooms” that are stuffed full of training, shared knowledge, and support for many of the aspects and stages of building your online business and website. 

Getting Started
WA Affiliate Program
Keyword, Niche and Market Research
Everything WordPress
Authoring and Writing Content
Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click Marketing
Social Engagement and Marketing
Website Development and Programming
Local Marketing
Video Marketing
Email Marketing
Wealthy Affiliate Platform Itself

13 Wealthy Affiliate Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate and its’ community have more than an entire lifetimes worth of information available at your finger tips.

When you use the tools that it offers and lays in front of you then you’ll be unstoppable with your online dreams.

You’ll be launching your website and online business before you know it. When you are ready to start, join me by clicking either of the buttons below. Let me know when you do!

Starter Membership - Join Now Premium Membership - Join Now

Please leave a comment and let me know how I can help you get started.

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