Site Rubix is a Wealthy Affiliate created and supported free website builder that allows you to get started with your own WordPress website without paying a dime. It is the most powerful free website builder available today.

This means that a Site Rubix website has no cost to start and build. You are welcome to build two Site Rubix sites with the Starter membership in WA. You could potentially make income before paying out anything. 

WordPress is the most common CMS (Content Management System) for beginners in website building. It’s very user friendly. It removes the requirement to know a lot of HTML and other coding languages, therefore opening it up to more people.

Building a website has never been easier and more streamlined than it is right now with WA. Site Rubix sets up easily and uses WordPress themes. In just a few clicks you’ll have the framework for your new website started.

Site Rubix is Unique

Site Rubix is not like the other free website builders out there. This one is unique because it has the secure, power house of Wealthy Affiliate servers and hosting behind it. No other free website builder has that. Guaranteed.

The best part about getting started with your two free websites using Site Rubix is that it automatically comes with the starter level training platform within the Wealthy Affiliate Business Community.

You’ll never be left on your own to struggle and try to figure things out. Type in your desired website name below and see if it’s available. If it is then you’re good to go!

The special Site Rubix domain name is now yours and you’re in business.


No Cookie Cutter SitesCookie Cutter Websites

You’ll have access to hundreds of WordPress theme designs for you to customize with your own style. After that there are thousands of other “plugins” available to further customize your site any way you want to.

Unlike many (almost all) other free website builders, you are not bound to choose from a set number of “cookie cutter” templates that have been used and reused by thousands of other members.

The sites you build with Site Rubix will be completely unique and have your own twist. They will not be like anyone else’s.

Think about how cool it’ll be to have your own website (that you built) which is actually online for the world to see. This is something most will not do in their lives.  

Think about something you are interested in, keep it in mind.

Create a Website in 30 Seconds

If you have the ability to purchase your own domain name right from the beginning then watch this video (may also click the video below) on setting up a website in just 30 seconds. You won’t believe how quickly it happens.  

WordPress is quite easy to use and even a high number of professional designers still use WordPress along side other options, such as Joomla! and Dreamweaver.

Watch Create a Website in 30 Seconds Video

Time to Get Started

Let’s not waste another moment, if you are ready to build your first website then we’ll get going now. 30 seconds from now you’ll be the proud owner of a new website.

First, you need to think of a domain name that you like. Second, create your starter account with Wealthy Affiliate. Third, start the training classes.

Have fun with it and be creative If you need help getting your Site Rubix sites set up. Just let me know, use the comment form below.

Next Lesson is What is a Webmaster?

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