Pinterest in a nutshell, is a social network based on the sharing of images.

The whole thing is stylized to look like the original cork boards that we’ve all had on the wall and used at one point or another.

At first, Pinterest will seem a bit odd and fussy that just takes too much time, but then after a very short amount of time you’ll find yourself changing categories to find home decorating ideas and drooling over recipes, then health tips, humor of all types, not to mention the beautiful clothes and hair styles. It’s endless.

Pinterest LogoWhen Did it Start?

Pinterest has been around for about 7 years now, it began in 2011 and has grown from a little inter-office tool for one company into a huge marketing monster and social networking platform for the entire multi-billion dollar global economy. It ranks third after Facebook and Twitter as far as usage goes.

It has a steady following of mostly women. If you haven’t already gotten the Pinterest bug then let me tell you that Pinterest is the most addictive thing you haven’t found yet.

If you already know about it then I need not explain further how addictive it can be. If you are a man and interested in something similar then “Gentlemint” has been made for you.

Setting Up Your Pinterest Boards

The basics of it are very simple, you need only do a few steps to get going:

  1. Install the “Pin It” button on your toolbar (easy, just drag and drop)
  2. Pick your screen name
  3. Fill out your profile and description 
  4. Create and title several different “Boards” on all your favourite interest subjects 

Next, surf around the internet and each time you find an image or something that you like simply “Pin” it to one of your boards. A board can be made on any subject under the sun such “Yummy Cooking”, “Things I want in my Dream Home”, “Cute Animals”, “Favourite Quotes”, “My Dream Closet”, “Celebrities” or anything else you can dream up. 

You’ll be able to create new boards and edit them as you go along so don’t worry about thinking up perfect names for all of them right now.

You will also be able to travel around Pinterest itself “re-pinning” and commenting on images from other members from the categories there. 

You will be able to “Follow” people as well, this creates a link between you and them so you will receive their pins directly to your home feed. There’s even the opportunity to make new friends or create social connections with people in your neighbourhood.

This is a board featuring favourite quotes, Pinterest has thousands of them. But when you collect the ones that are important and meaningful to you, you will end up with an interesting outline of your beliefs and opinions. See my Favourite Quotes board:

Pinterest "My Quotes" Board

See Yourself in Pictures

After several really fun hours of time spent on Pinterest collecting images that you like and pinning them to your separate boards, a very interesting thing happens. You end up with a pictorial description of your personality! 

I realized that if I died tomorrow and someone wanted to know what kind of person I was, my Pinterest boards pretty much (collectively) say it all about me. The things I like, my opinions, my humour, what I think is beautiful, many aspects of general personality and the things I care most about were all there in pictures and phrases.

Pinterest for Pleasure

If you aren’t careful it’s easy to burn up a lot of hours just sitting and looking at the millions and millions of very cool images and ideas on every subject you can possibly imagine. These images come from all over the web through other websites and people all over the planet share (Pin) what they think is beautiful or important.

Most people use it for pleasure or just for their own general amusement. It’s a very effective way to pass time or gather ideas for upcoming events, such as weddings and Christmas. The home decorating ideas are out of this world and very creative.

Then there are the recipes. Wow, some of them are delicious!

Do you love humour? Then Pinterest has you covered there too. There are thousands and hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of funny quotes, silly phrases, jokes, jabs, cheeky sarcasm and inspiring messages of every sort. There are posters featuring every different opinion you can imagine too, all by the truckloads.

It will eat up more time than you have if you aren’t careful.

Pinterest for Business

Pinterest, if used correctly can be a very effective marketing tool for business. Many people use it for selling their own personally created products, some use it to sell other people’s products. The board below features the pictures taken in my garden as well as some recommended garden products.

Backyard Food Growing Board on Pinterest

Pinterest for Marketing

If you choose to use it for affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products for commission) then you would make sure that your specially coded link is built into the image that you pin. That way if someone else follows your link to the product (and buys it) then you will be sure to get the due commission from your effort.

In order to use it for affiliate marketing you need to go to places such as Amazon and sign up as an associate. Then you find the items you like and you promote them on your boards by “Pinning” the images from Amazon with your affiliate links in them. You will earn commission if someone clicks through your link and makes a purchase.

The most exciting way that I’ve seen to use Pinterest in the entire time I’ve used it is to first build a website of your own and Pin your OWN images. Think about that.

Once you have a nice looking website with good images then you can make a board with the name of your website. When you do it that way you can spend time browsing on Pinterest and at the same time promote and drive traffic to your website.

Pinterest Board Examples

This is a snapshot of what my Pinterest home page and some of my boards look like. You will be able to customize your boards to be just the way you want them.

You’ll notice that the first board is called “Internet Marketing Beginners”. That board is dedicated to pinning images from this site specifically. Each image can have comments either from myself or my readers.

This is a very effective way to create traffic to your site. Once you Pin many useful images with some frequency to your boards you will start to see traffic to your website. Do that more, and you will get more traffic. Simple.

My Pinterest Boards

If you haven’t discovered Pinterest yet then I really recommend it.
Share your Pinterest screen name in the comment section below (if you wish) and I’ll follow you.

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