I’m sure you’ve heard that affiliate marketing is a good business to get in to and it’s possible to make some decent money. I’m betting that some Online Marketing with Your Own Websiteof you still may have questions about affiliate marketing and want to understand exactly…

What is online affiliate marketing and how can you get started doing it too…

The first step is that you’re going to need a website or a blog to do it. It’s very important that your website be unique too. 

Is it Difficult to Learn?

Affiliate marketing is actually not that complicated at the core, but it does take some effort to accomplish the goal of making moeny but at the root of it all, it’s pretty easy to understand.

Affiliate marketing is the business model in place that rewards bloggers and website owners with commissions or referral fees ($$) in exchange for having a company or companies advertisements and other product promotions on their websites. Gift Ideas for Gardeners Google Advertising

These companies will pay you a certain predetermined percentage for all sales that occur through your unique specially coded links.

It’s a win-win situation because you earn money and the company gains new customers that they may not have found without the people coming through your site.

Content Driven

Your website must be content driven which means that it has to be full of good useful, original information for your readers to use and enjoy.

The example in this image below is a gardening website showing one of the drop-down menus which has several topics of information that might be useful to a new gardener.Content Driven Website Example: Backyard Food Growing

Beware of any short cut website system that gives you a pre-made site and claims you’ll easily make money with it. These type of systems are seriously misleading you, it doesn’t work like that. Don’t fall for it.

Cookie cutter websites don’t rank well, they look like everyone else’s (Google views this as duplicate content anyway) and because of these and other factors, sites like this are very difficult to create an income from.

If you’ve just begun and you’re at the very beginning stage and don’t have a blog or website at all yet, get started with that here.

When you’re ready to start for no cost at all, I recommend that you grab your completely customizable totally free website now.

Then you’ll have a good foundation that’s there for you to build on as you learn the ropes of website making and affiliate marketing.

Why be an affiliate marketer?

Why not? Consistently doing affiliate marketing can become very profitable over time because you’ll build up more and more partnerships with many companies, your website gets better and better with increasing amounts of good useful information, this in turn increases traffic to your website.

Increased traffic increases clicks on those specially coded links and the more clicks you get on your links, the more likely it is that you will make sales and therefore nice commission earnings from your website.

It’s a pretty sweet little system if you learn to work with it properly and invest the time. I guarantee you that’s it’s worth it!

“There are no words to describe how amazing it feels the first time you walk down to the mailbox and pick up a cheque with your name on it and the company name Amazon at the top. They are paying YOU actual money. It’s so motivating and addicting!”

Once you have your unique website started, you can begin looking for related affiliate programs. You’ll definitely want to choose affiliate programs that are along the same subject line as your website. Your site will look more professional and clean.

In addition to that, many affiliate companies won’t approve you for their program if they feel your website is not complimentary to their company image and products.

It’s a good possibility that you’ll have other great ideas that aren’t related to your current project, it’s best to start a separate second website with the new idea and keep all of those ideas contained to that relevant website.

Don’t make too many at once!

You’ll probably find that you have so many great ideas that you’ll want to start several websites on all different subjects. Try to resist this at the beginning.

It’s better to make one website at a time and see each one through until it makes money before starting another one.

Each website takes a lot more time than it first appears to make it successful. It’s not as simple as “just making a website”, the trick is getting it in front of people so they can see it and buy from it.

Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to do too many projects at once. It’s easy to get in over your head.

Long term plans

It’s great to want to make several different sites on different subjects, just plan to do it over the longer term and not all at once.

If you know you’re the type that’s going to buy several domain names and try to do ALL of your great ideas at once (like I did) just try to restrict it to building 2 or maximum 3 sites at a time. 

If you try to do more than that at once then you’ll find it a very difficult grind and you will most likely feel like you are getting nowhere and your motivation will suffer.

It’s too easy to become overwhelmed, discouraged and frustrated, so I don’t recommend it.

It’s important to treat website building and learning internet marketing as a long term project, get comfy with it and learn at your own pace.

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