A webmaster is someone who builds, maintains and promotes websites. That’s YOU!

A webmaster will over time gain knowledge on the subjects of one or more Content Management Systems, HTML, HTML5, SEO (search engine optimisation), CSS (cascading style sheets), Javascript and other languages of website building.

Please note: It is definitely not required that you know any or all of those things before you start. As long as you can find the top of the keyboard and a mouse and are seriously willing to learn, then you can succeed. Definitely.

Current trends have put an emphasis on social marketing so webmasters have had to adapt. This means that an interactive social element needed to be added to their websites in the form of “share buttons” to keep their internet marketing activities fresh.

The internet doesn’t stand still for a single second, due to this, the updated learning of a webmaster is always evolving. This is what allows anyone to jump in at any time and not feel like they need to “catch up”.

Even people what have been webmasters for a long time have to continuously learn current techniques to stay current. 

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is the program you’ll use to build your website.

Some common CMS programs are Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. It’s not necessary to know how to use them all. You can be successful with knowing just one CMS. 

WordPress CMS

WordPress is generally the recommended CMS that’s best for beginners to start with and get going in website building.

WordPress.org provides free themes in every design and layout you can imagine to allow customization of your site any way you want to. The theme is the layout (template) of your site and includes the mechanics of how it looks.

They also have many themes that are “premium” and available for purchase. These themes will have many more options to customize each detail and the ability to make it your own is much greater.

WordPress.org also has a selection of “Plugins” that can be added to your site. (Read about plugins here) Each one adds an of extra function or additional appearance to enhance your website. There are thousands of plugins to choose from that literally plug-in to your website. 

Don’t Use Too Many Plugins
Use Caution

Not all plugins are great and some do not work to improve your site.

Examples are those that are very heavy load bearing for your server or those that slow down your site load time.

There are a number of other plugins that can seriously slow down your site and visually detract from the intended message of your webpages.

Some plugins are really bad, some of them add viruses and malware to your website. Some plugins conflict with other plugin or themes. Installing a corrupt plugin can easily crash your whole website.

Do a little research on each one before you install them. Find out if other internet marketers are using it successfully and if it has a good reputation or not. This can be done through WordPress.org as well

Each individual plugin will list reviews from users and from there you can determine the general quality of it from the reports of other webmasters.

Always Aim to Help

As a recap, everyone needs help with something. We all have ailments, issues, hobbies, pets and problems that we seek answers for.

The internet is usually the very first place a person will go to find answers. There are millions of people searching online for answers to millions of questions everyday, all day.

When you make a really well laid out website filled with information and products that answer questions, educate or solve problems for people then you will naturally gain traffic and exposure, which in turn will sell products and then that is what makes you a commission.

There are many elements that go into building a successful website. The goal, of course is to make one that online shoppers and information seekers will enjoy and interact with for an extended amount of time.

This can often be done with the use of well chosen plugins.

Leave a comment below, let me know if you need help getting started with your online business.

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