Once you get comfortable with setting up your theme and your site is starting to look good, you may find yourself a little stuck. You might find that the theme just doesn’t seem to have enough settings or choices to get it just the way you want. 

Professional webmasters will most likely choose a Premium theme to work with because of these limitations. Many theme creators will produce a free version and a premium version of their themes. This makes it possible to get started with a  good theme for free and then if you like it, you can choose to upgrade to the premium version then.

However, some theme creators don’t have a free version and they make only premium themes available for purchase directly from them.

The prices for premium themes range significantly from one to another. They can run from $40 – $50 up into the thousands of dollars. At this point you shouldn’t pay more than $50 for a premium theme. That will be more than sufficient to get you set up and make a good looking website.

The benefit of paying for a premium theme is that it’s enabled with many more options, functions and design features. Also, premium themes usually come with some level of customer support from the creator whereas the free ones don’t at all.

Woo Themes LogoThe large premium theme companies have support desks or a community forum where you can get assistance in setting up the functions of your new theme.

Elegant Themes, Woo Themes, Themezilla and Theme Forest are a few of Elegant Themesthe large premium theme companies. All you need to do is type “premium WordPress themes” in to the search bar and you’ll get many results that will lead you to many themes to chose from.

At this point, it’s just fine to work with a free theme. There are many good ones to choose from with lots of functionality. You’ll have plenty of time down the road to switch to a premium theme if you want to.

I actually recommend using a free theme at the beginning because of the fact that they do have limited functions. This makes it a little less intimidating and daunting to become familiar with the technical side of piecing a website together.

Some premium themes have so many settings and options that it can become unnecessarily complicated for a new webmaster to set up.

Let’s have a look at one now:

The theme used on the website shown below is a premium theme, it’s called Webicator, in this case there is no free version available. This theme was quite low in cost to purchase for use on a single site.

The shopping site below was created to be a large catalogue of unique and interesting gift ideas for gardeners. If you don’t know what to buy for a gardener then check out this site and get some ideas!

Gift Idea for Gardeners

This particular premium theme came with a short tutorial on how to set it up. The mechanics of this theme are quite straight forward to set up and it has a very defined way of displaying the posts.

This is a good feature because once you get the hang of it you can begin posting products quite quickly. After a while you will create an endless scrolling page of gift ideas that are also sorted into appropriate categories. 

A website like this is straight forward to create but it also takes a lot of time and work to fill it up with enough products to draw enough traffic to make enough sales to create an income.

Having said that, the reward can be well worth the effort required if you promote your site effectively.

A catalogue site like this is good leading up to Christmas and other special events throughout the year. Browse this site in order to gain interesting ideas you wouldn’t have thought of normally on your own.
Check it out here Gift Ideas for Gardeners.

Shoppers are looking for gift giving ideas almost all year long. The amount of money being passed about on the internet is staggering!

Millions of dollars everyday are being spent and it just takes a nice looking site created with a good quality premium theme to get your website started.

Leave a comment below if you need further assistance with understanding or selecting premium themes.

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