A keyword is a word or a short phrase related to any subject or topic. The keyword is the anchor of your post, it’s what will grab the attention of the search engines.

Keyword research is the preliminary investigation you do to find out how popular and in demand certain keywords and phrases are. 

When choosing keywords you want to look for ones that have a reasonable number of people searching for that word or phrase. 

There are many keyword tools available. Some are free and some are of course paid services. My preferred keyword tool is Jaaxy.

It provides many important bits of data and information, including Keyword Quality Index (KQI) which is exclusive to Jaaxy that help you determine if it’s a good keyword or not.

There are 4 important criteria to consider when evaluating a potential keyword:

Monthly Searches

Someone has to be looking for the item or topic of interest. The higher the number the better but anything above 100 searches in a month is worth looking at. It’s not necessary to choose only keywords with really high numbers of searches each month in order to derive traffic. This is very high competition.

If you utilize several keywords with lower numbers you can easily sweep up a decent amount of low competition traffic to your website.

Keyword Quality Index (KQI)

Keyword quality is very important as well for any marketing campaign. Not everything is about the number of searches in a month. Using high competition keywords will be difficult to rank for and leave you frustrated with poor results. 

Jaaxy Showing KQI

If you are using Jaaxy then the task is quick and simple. Jaaxy analyzes your keyword or keyword phrase across several search engines, not just Google.

Jaaxy then returns a red, yellow or green button to indicate how good that keyword might actually be for getting good ranking in the SERP’s. Jaaxy will tell you if the keyword you have found has the power to rank well and with how much effort.

I don’t know of any other keyword tool that does that!

Here’s a Great Example

Look at the 7th line down from the top. It shows 2952 Monthly Searches, 502 Monthly Estimated Traffic, 15 QSR and a Green Light! This is the criteria of a great keyword.

The monthly estimated traffic however is a number that’s shared between all the sites that make it on the first page. The number 1 spot gets about 33% of that number, #2 gets about 17% and #3 spot gets about 11%.

This is why is very important to rank as highly as possible with any given page.

When you consistently use high quality keywords you will streamline your work load and be able to perform your research and traffic building efforts more efficiently.

Quoted Search Results (QSR)

This is my favorite metric, this one tells you how many other websites are already actively using a particular keyword.

This is the ultimate piece of information because it tells you just what kind of competition you will be up against if you try to use that keyword.

Jaaxy garners information from all search engines and the results will always be different and far more accurate than when you use just the Google Keyword Tool. This number should always be less than 300 and even lower is better. The lowest number you can find with the highest potential traffic is best. 

Domain Search

This nifty feature lets you know quickly if an exact match domain name from a chosen keyword is available under the most popular extensions (.com, .net, .org etc).

Domain Search on Jaaxy

SEO Power

This metric (also visible in the image above) determines whether or not a prospective keyword has a good chance of getting rankings. This is a score out of 100 and tells you the SEO difficulty level. 

This data is based on the competition, quality and type of keyword as well as the amount of traffic involved. Imagine how much time it would take us to do all of this analysis on even just one keyword?? 

Jaaxy keyword tool performs it all in seconds and provides you with juicy keywords by the hundreds! You’ll dig up more ideas than you have time to utilize. 

Let me know in the comment section below if you need help with your keyword research.

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