**Please note: This plugin has been retired and is no longer active. It has been replaced by a completely updated and improved WordPress editing plugin called “WP Edit” and “WP Edit Pro”. 

Creator: Josh LobeWP Edit Pro
Website: www.joshlobe.com
Price Points:

Free Version – Install directly from WordPress dashboard
Pro Version Single Site – $28
Pro Version Multi-site (up to 15 sites that you own)- $99
Professional Developer Version – $195 (up to 50 sites that you may sell)

There are a handful of plugins that every webmaster needs to have implemented on their sites. There are thousands of them available but this is one that’s absolutely required for all professional WordPress website builders.

If you are not sure what a plugin is or what they do for a WordPress site, take a minute and read this

Ultimate TinyMCE at a Glance

When you look at the WordPress dashboard text/visual editor, you’ll notice that the number of choices you have at the top to manipulate your text size and other elements to your capabilities are very limited.

The first solution is to look to the right side of the of the control bar at the top of your post window, there is an icon that when you hover over it, it will say “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink”. Click that and a few more options will open up to you.

You’ll notice quickly that there is still nowhere to change the Font Size (among many other things) automatically installed with the control panel of your dashboard. Why is that?? It’s very frustrating to try and make a nice post or page without that one feature alone.

If you are experienced at all with using code then you can certainly switch over to the “Text” view, where you would type the raw code and write in some simple html codes to change the font size manually.

However, I know from experience that there sure isn’t very much “simple code” that a person would know how to use when they are first starting out making their first website.

This is where this wonderful plugin called Ultimate TinyMCE comes in. It takes the challenging code out and gets you busy doing visual editing and having fun with your site.

Ultimate TinyMCE Control Panel

The free version has enough features to start you off designing nicely at the beginning of your website building endeavours. The professional versions are recommended for those who want to have all the options and features possible. 

The Ultimate TinyMCE plugin is an absolute requirement for anyone who works on WordPress sites. Everyone from complete website rookies just beginning with one website to seasoned web design professionals will quickly see the power behind the Ultimate TinyMCE Plugin.

This plugin extends the post/page editor control panel to include dozens of additional functions that increase the design functions of the dashboard. The features include everything from the basics of adjusting font size to inserting YouTube videos to coding tools.

Ultimate TinyMCE Plugin Dashboard

The Pros and Cons

Pro #1: Very easy to set up and configure, you even get to choose the exact location of each icon.
Pro #2: It provides many features and functions that are needed to create professional website pages using the CMS WordPress
Pro #3: It has a “keep it simple” setting where you can have the plugin choose and display the most common features and then sets it up for you

Con #1: It has so many features that it can be overwhelming trying to sort through them all and understand what they do
Con #2: Can’t think of a second con…

Who is UtMCE For?

This plugin is designed for everyone who builds WordPress websites.

The plugin is pretty straight forward as far as setting it up. There are some parts to the added functionality that may be not needed all the time, these can be “put aside” and used another time. See the numerous additional options that make website building smoother.

Ultimate TinyMCE Editor Icons

There are many YouTube videos available that will help walk you through every piece of the set up and use of this plugin.

Ultimate TinyMCE Support

The support provided by the creators of this plugin is prompt, high quality and very helpful if you have questions or need assistance. 

Verdict of UtMCE

It’s a must have.

My final opinion of this plugin is that every webmaster of every level should have it installed on their WordPress sites. It makes every part of designing your website so much smoother, easier and faster. This fact in itself is a huge time saver.

There is a price point to suit all budgets and skill levels. Hesitation is not needed if you are considering buying this plugin.

Price Points:

Free Version – Install directly from WordPress dashboard
Pro Version Single Site – $28
Pro Version Multi-site – $99 (up to 15 sites that you own)
Professional Developer Version – $195 (up to 50 sites that you may sell)

Choose the right plugin bundle to suit your needs and start designing today! It’s an indispensable tool for WordPress. I wouldn’t be able to build my websites without this plugin.

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