Name: Traffic Travis
(Connected to Affilorama)

 www.traffictravis.comTraffic Travis

Price: Free and $97 per year for the Pro Version
Owner:  Peter Alex Leigh
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100
Verdict: This is a good tool for in-depth website analysis, in addition to Google Analytics. 

Professional webmasters may not be satisfied with this product.
Read the Affilorama review here.

Traffic Travis Overview

This is what Traffic Travis says about itself ” It is an all-in-one tool for keyword research, search engine optimization, pay-per-click research and monitoring, and general website analysis”.

The goal of Traffic Travis is to micro analyse many different website statistics thus reflecting your websites health, behavior and position in the SERP’s.

This way you can address specific issues directly and improve visibility and appeal of your website efficiently.
Traffic Travis Homepage

The Pros and Cons

Pro #1 – They have a phone number right at the top of the screen
Pro #2 – Easy to read dashboard
Pro #3 – Good for beginners
Pro #4 – The links in the testimonials worked and took me to good websites

Con #1 – The upgrade to Pro membership “purchase” screen doesn’t show prices. You must “add to cart” to see the price.
Con #2 – Banners are too flashy and devalue the detailed quality service being provided
Con #3 – The results may not be in-depth enough for professional webmasters
Con #4 – The affiliate area of TT is quite limited and offers dated material that’s already well used by other members

See some of the selling features here:

Traffic Travis Tools Page

Who is Traffic Travis For?

Traffic Travis was created and is recommended for professional internet marketers. Those that really want to dive into the detailed analysis of the performance of their websites.

The data offered by Traffic Travis is different than what Google Analytics provides. Using both tools together can really put your website at a big advantage over those not using TT. You’ll be able to tell exactly where your site has issues and you can fix them promptly and see increased traffic to your site.

Tools and Training

The help files contain 50 articles. They seem to cover the basics but not much else.

Traffic Travis Oddities

I had “Affilorama” queued in line for a separate review. When I was digging into Traffic Travis I found Affilorama tied into it. I thought at first I was confused or mixing up tabs. I wasn’t.

Affilorama is an online marketing training program that they highly recommend in addition to purchasing TT.

Traffic Travis with Affilorama Dashboard

I found that Affilorama is Traffic Travis’ parent company. They tell you that Traffic Travis will work much better for you if you agree to the free trial of Affilorama. Free sounds good, right? Well, it’s actually $67 per month after the 30 day trial expires.

My Opinion of Traffic Travis

I think Traffic Travis is ok if you are new to online marketing, but possibly not even needed at the beginner level. Google Analytics provides so much data to interpret that it would keep a person busy for months.

For a new person to online business, I would recommend focusing on learning how to make a great website first. After that you would be ok to look at additional traffic analyzing tools.

You don’t need Affilorama, and you definitely don’t need to pay $67 per month to learn online marketing. 

There are better, more in-depth places read the review here to learn more for a much lower monthly cost.

Traffic Travis Quick Recap

Name: Traffic Travis (Connected to Affilorama)
Free and $97 per year for the Pro Version
Peter Alex Leigh
Overall Rank: 
50 out of 100
Can be useful for beginner webmasters. This is a good tool for more in-depth website analysis, in addition to Google Analytics. 

Professional webmasters may not be satisfied with this product.

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