The Secret is the first in a series of life transforming books by Rhonda Byrne. The Secret is followed by “The Power” and then “The Magic“. 

The Secret

All of the information and instructions in this book are interpreted by Rhonda Byrne and based on the original teachings of Napoleon Hill in the classic book Think and Grow Rich

It’s fully within your reach to begin understanding the huge well of personal power that you possess within you. Follow the old-time masters and use these modern day teachings to create the life you want!

The Secret is not optional or choosy, it has no preference for age, race or background. It is the same power for every single one of us and is accessible just the same for every single one of us.

It doesn’t matter if you have two pennies in your pocket or two thousand dollars in your pocket, these instructions will work for everyone who commits to learning it and putting the Secret into action on a daily basis.

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