The Power is the action plan behind the book The Secret. Now that you understand exactly what the secret is, you can use the action plan laid out for you in this second book in the series from Rhonda Byrne which was originally published in 2010. 

The Power

The Power translates the teachings and philosophies of The Secret into a real life step-by-step system for learning how to control your thoughts and do the steps needed to create and achieve anything you want in your life.

The Power tells you exactly how to mould your thoughts into a freight train of universal energy that lays your path ahead to anything you desire.

Harness the power of your own thinking in a specific way so that the universe hears your requests loud and clear. Create great health, wealth and abundant happiness in all areas of your life.

The universe hears what you think no matter what, so change what it currently hears and make new magic happen in our life. 

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