SEO is just SEO, right? New or old, it’s always the same, isn’t it?What is New SEO?

Not really. Just like the internet itself, SEO is an ever changing, multi-layered element to online marketing that never holds the same rules for very long.

Content Marketing

One type of website promotion is referred to as content marketing. Some people are beginning to refer to this as the “new SEO”.

This is the process of making your website content appealing to the search engines. This is done through well written informative posts and/or pages and the accurate use of carefully selected keywords within them.

When this is done correctly then your site will be ranked by Google in the search engine result pages for various different keywords. It’s this effective use of these keywords that will grow the traffic to your website. This includes the ones you target and also the ones you don’t necessarily intend to.

Traffic aka People

This increase in traffic to your website – also known as people – is what will eventually bring sales to your website and then repeated commissions. This of course, is your income!

Content marketing and SEO are separate website promotion strategies but they are intertwined and they rely on each other for success.

This concept is more easily understood when you think of it this way: a perfectly implemented SEO strategy will not work on a website that doesn’t have very much solid content. Likewise, a good website with great content will not gain much traffic from a poorly executed SEO marketing strategy.

Apply both of these methods to your website at the same time and you’ll see a larger increase in your traffic stats than if you don’t.

Social Media

Social media and the proper use of it is a HUGE piece of effective SEO.

Not that long ago social media was synonymous with only Facebook and it was dismissed as something that “only teenagers do”.Facebook Logo

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter began as a place for kids to hang out and keep connected but very quickly they each evolved into something much, much more.

Social media now encompasses popular websites from Facebook to Twitter and Myspace to Instagram and many more. Myspace has been updated and is still popular among musicians.

There are dozens and dozens of social media platforms all with their own fans and supporters.

Twitter LogoThe top three social media websites are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Facebook is firmly set at number one of course. Facebook gets the most traffic and user membership numbers reaching into the billions.

The rest of the bulk share of the traffic and online consumers attention goes to Twitter and Pinterest.

The others, such as Instagram, Digg and Tumbler all take their places after that.

If your time is limited, I recommend focusing the time you have on the top three social networks as mentioned above.

Social Media Marketing

At this point in time, a well rounded social media strategy effectively uses these huge sites in conjunction together.

The initial adolescent domination and limited use of Facebook changed very rapidly. No longer was it “just for teens”. Facebook quickly changed the way that the entire planet communicates and interacts with each other.

It started to attract people from every corner of the planet…by the millions. If there was an internet connection then you could bet people were joining Facebook in droves.

Facebook for Business

Facebook then began to attract businesses. The power of Facebook exploded Share It On Facebook Buttonfor businesses. It made it so much easier and more efficient for them to reach large masses of individual people.

It also connected the individual consumer to the huge companies in a way that had never been possible before. It created an avenue for people to actually get a message through to a huge company.

The power of a Facebook comment went from just a meaningless tidbit about last Friday night to something that can (and often does) have a huge and lasting impact on a big company.

It’s important not to take lightly the strength and reach that a Facebook page can have for your business. The relationship can be very beneficial.

These big three social sites have evolved into a combined but required piece of a websites social marketing strategy. This has also created new career opportunities that have never existed before. 

Social Media Manager

A personal Facebook page is easy to manage when it’s just for yourself, your family and your friends and it contains little more than the musings of your life. It’s not so easy for a company.

When a Facebook page is set in place for a company or large business then the whole social media and social media marketing aspect becomes a little unruly and out of hand without a person to keep an eye on it.

A single negative untended comment from an unhappy customer can lead to detrimental results for a company.

This is where a social media manager comes in. They are there to receive comments and respond to the customer when needed. This is largely an unofficial job that a lot of savvy social media skilled people are creating for themselves. The job also entails promoting the/your company through these same social media channels. 

Pinterest LogoIf you wanted to, you could create a well paid, work from home position just handling social media for a handful of local companies. It’s certainly a good way to put your current Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest skills to work for you.

The “New SEO” encompasses quite a few layers of promotional methods that are much more personal with individual consumers and far less mechanical than the traditional SEO which is just about keywords, meta tags and the like.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. How do you do SEO? 

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