The Magic is the third book in this enlightening series of life altering books. 

The Universe does not select who can and who cannot have this power. It’s everyone’s and yours too if you choose it.

The Magic

The whole philosophy is based on one word and one word only and that is: Gratitude. Be grateful for absolutely everything in your life, even the teeny little things that seem to mean nothing in the big picture. 

For more than 2000 years this powerful lesson has been cryptically hidden within the sacred texts of centuries ago.

Only a few over the centuries had discovered the Secret hidden in the riddle. Rhonda Byrne interprets it and lays it out for everyone to understand in plain modern English.

Once you learn to think in this certain way and truly experience and project Gratitude in every area of your life, you will begin to see massive changes and improvements in your life where you never thought any were possible. 

This book leads you through a 28 day plan to incorporating the lessons into your daily life. The best part is that it doesn’t matter where you are financially right now, because having gratitude is free.

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