Traditional employment outside of the home is a necessity for most people, doing a job for someone else is how most of us make the money we need to pay for life and all of its’ needs and things.

That doesn’t stop us from wanting to find a better way to make money without a boss or a j-o-b.

Many people would love to fire their boss, even if they have a good boss! Nothing personal but having time freedom is just the most amazing thing.

The dream of working for ourselves and creating income under our own terms is usually dismissed as an impossibility.

It depends how creative you are though, if you have the ability to think outside the box there are opportunities everywhere. Especially online.

The benefits of working at home online over working at a job outside the home can be numerous as well as unique for you and your family. It just takes time to build into to reliable income so you’ll need to keep your job for a little while longer.

Time freedom and flexibility are two of the biggest benefits that would be common to all of us. Financial freedom would be tied for first place also I think.

So many of us want that choice, but how does one find employment or a way to make money at home that also pays the right amount of it to support the family.

New Dynamics

Many families, their dynamics and the type of living situations are changing at the same time as companies needs are shifting to require a solid online presence.

This is creating many home employment opportunities for people from all walks of life and those in different situations. 

With the evolution of the internet the world has become accessible to almost all of us and is opening up opportunities for many people who might be so called “unemployable” and have barriers to employment.

For example, those who may have physical or distance challenges in attaining traditional jobs would benefit from using the internet to create income.

 If you can type and are willing to learn a new skill and put in the time, then the internet is a gold mine of opportunity.


Many well known companies have available telecommuting positions, but they go largely unnoticed.

Many people think that there are no “real” legitimately paying jobs that can be (and are done) from home. So if they are out there then 

Where are the Online Opportunities?

This problem is bringing up an opening in the market for services such as Legitimate Online Jobs.

This is a  paid listing service that screens, sorts and lists online work from home employment opportunities from popular main-stream companies around the world.

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The Benefits and Advantages

The advantages of working at home can encompass many things and can also be defined in many ways for different people.

We’ll start with the good side, for some people the word ‘benefits’ means “something that promotes well-being”, whereas for some others it’s purely monetary financial freedom, while still for others it means time freedom.

All of these are linked together and are significantly important to our inner and outer well being. Does money buy happiness? Yes or no or maybe? Join the discussion.

There are some massive personal benefits to working online from home if you are willing to put in the effort to bring it to reality. 

Think about the possibilities if you have kids:

  • You can go on their field trips
  • You can stay home if they’re sick
  • You have time to help out at school
  • Be home when they arrive home after school
  • Time flexibility and task flexibility

The well being, relief and stress reduction that could bring to everyone in the family would be almost immeasurable.


However, the disadvantages of working at home may be something to consider as well.

  • Working from home takes a great amount of discipline
  • There are distractions everywhere (tidying kitchen, laundry or this and that)
  • If you have preschoolers around then you can multiply that distraction by a lot
  • It may take some time to find a position that suits your skills
  • You may feel cooped up and miss the social aspect of a traditional job

Each of us just needs to weigh out the good and bad aspects of working at home with their particular home situation. It might work well, or not so much.

Sometimes it works on a part-time smaller scale for the “stay-at-home” parent as a supplement to the household income or sometimes the situation dictates that finding full-time telecommuting work is essential.

Either way, the internet is the bridge to thousands of very flexible opportunities.

Take Me Away!

After months of hard work and dedication to your own online business, you’ve earned enough money to be sitting searching real estate websites for a little vacation home to purchase.

The questions are many but the big ones are:

  • Where will it be? You have no work location restrictions
  • You can work and create your income from anywhere
  • You have no need to consider commuting, all of your work is based online
  • You have a large budget to work with
  • All you need is reliable internet service and the rest is up to you

These are real possibilities if you work hard today and build an internet business through your own website and online marketing efforts. Seems like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? It’s not and it’s the reality for many, many successful website owners. This can be your future too, if you want it.

How do you feel after dreaming of a scenario like that?

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Leave a comment and let me know why you think working from home is better or not. 

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