Rich Dad’s Rich Kid, Smart Kid by Robert Kiyosaki is for parents to use as a teaching aid. It explains in-depth how to teach children the fundamental principles of finance without boring them to death.

Rich Kid Smart Kid

You can introduce them to real life problem-solving skills related to money.

This will set kids on a positive path to a healthy financial future where they won’t need to trade their time for money on an endless hourly schedule.

They will learn much earlier than most of us how to make money work for them rather than them work for money.

Parents who take an active roll in teaching these skills to their kids through Robert Kiyosaki will undoubtedly end up learning quite a bit themselves.

The most important thing for parents to know is that the public school system doesn’t teach anything related to financial literacy.

This is left to the parents to handle and figure out. This is exceptionally difficult for them because most of us grew up in homes where money was never talked about at all. 

If you buy only one book, then make it this one and help change your child’s future.

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