Robert Kiyosaki is world famous for his superior financial education. He has made this normally taboo subject a very “talkable” subject. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens

This book is for people in all walks of life, in all different circumstances. It’s never too late to begin learning about money and how to grow it successfully. 

The ultimate goal in escaping the Rat Race is to have money work for you rather than you work for money.

“Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens” is a wonderful book filled with practical ideas and tasks that will help set your teen on the road to a bright financial future. 

This book is mostly for parents to use and read to teach their kids but there is certainly nothing wrong with the teen reading this book themselves. 

It’s well worth the investment and could change the future of your teen forever. This makes a great gift idea at Christmas or anytime of year.

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