Project Payday Review – Is it a Scam or Not?

Pricing Levels:Project Payday Scam Review
$34.95 once or you may complete a Partner Offer in exchange for membership if you cannot pay the standard $34.95 membership fee.

Creator: Monika St. John
Important Note: Project Payday and have common owners

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Verdict: I don’t recommend this program because I don’t think it’s actually geared towards beginners, although it’s clearly pitched to them. 

Online marketers experienced with lead generation and affiliate marketing may very well find this program usable.

It’s also blatantly misleading for beginners about how easy it is to produce income with it.

Project Payday Overview

It’s a CPA (Cost Per Action) system where it’s your job to find people (leads) willing to complete various actions such as filling out a survey, joining a mailing list, or any other action that may result in a sale for the company.

You will need to generate thousands of leads for PPD in order to make a decent amount of money with this system.

If you are new to online marketing then finding even one lead is going to be a very challenging thing to do.

PPD is based on manipulating numerous trial offers at once and also the promotion of free websites mainly featuring incentives.

Project Payday is a multi-layered, somewhat complicated system of redeeming offers, buying referrals, collecting rewards and then selling those rewards to recoup your money sometimes with a profit.

PPD says that if you are extremely organized with keeping track of the offers that you join and then quit and also understand the requirements you can claim quite a large number of these prizes and awards.

This sounds great, but in a lot of cases you’ve had to pay significantly (out of your own pocket) to get the appropriate number of leads and referrals that qualified you to get the prize.

In order for you to profit with the system you need to sell those rewards.

The Pros

Pro #1 – They’re clear to say that it takes effort to achieve income
Pro #2 – It’s a lead generation program
Pro #3 – Can be good if you know how to continuously generate 1000’s of leads already 

BBB Rating for Project Payday

The Cons

Con #1 – The BBB gives PPD an A+ rating
(See this article for explanation as to why this is listed as a Con)

Con #2 – Open to USA residents only
Con #3 – The sales page doesn’t specify how you actually make the money
Con #4 
It’s a lead generation system
Con #5 –
Some methods they teach are futile (such as classified ad posting)
Con #6  The people in the promotional videos never actually say what you need to do to make money with the system
Con #7 – The testimonial videos seem unnatural as well.

Watch “Mac Higgins” video, to me he looks like an actor. This is an 8 YEAR old testimonial I might add.

Please note: He looks like he just fell out of bed and/or is completely stoned. He doesn’t even smile once! If he’s making all that money the smiles should be flooding out of him uncontrollably.

Also, have a look at the “Josiah Higgins” (8 year old) video and compare it to the Mac Higgins video.

They have the same last name, they are both from Reno, NV and to me they also look like they could be brothers.

Is that coincidence or what?

The 8 year old “Bill and Zollie” video also looks staged to me because of the numbers they are saying and the bantering but script like speaking style. also believe that they are purposely keeping the numbers low and realistic so as to seem more legitimate.

They ask questions that don’t answer anything other than stating the fact that Zollie paid his $400 bill and made $2000 more but never actually says anything about HOW he got this money.

And last but not least there’s “Emily B.”. She makes money without trying, anytime she wants with no skills and not having learned anything.

Amazingly, she does this around two kids, a husband and a full time job.

Sorry, but I’m not exactly convinced.

Did You Know…

On the site “ you can pay people a measly $5 for a single job/service or “Gig” as they are known on Fiverr.

The people on Fiverr will in turn provide (just about) any service you want for five bucks. It’s a wonderful marketplace to get quick and simple jobs done that you can’t do yourself.

This can be graphic design, songs, messages to others, promotions, logos, banner production and thousands of other jobs too. You can request almost any service your heart desires. 

Including fabricated testimonial speeches and videos. 

Who is Project Payday Intended For?

PPD is aimed at online marketing beginners and aspiring webmasters. 

If you’ve been reading through my opportunity reviews for any length of time then you may be noticing a pattern by now…

“All questionable opportunities are aimed at beginners
and inexperienced (but eager) new webmasters”.

Why? Because new and inexperienced people are the least knowledgeable and easiest to convince/mislead.

Professional webmasters or those with a lot of experience online already know that these type of products are useless and would never buy them.

Top Notch Emotional Manipulation

When you get to the bottom of the sales page and you aren’t quite convinced yet, they give you options to click for more testimonials. The first sentence of the text on this additional pages says, quote:

This may feel like a blow to the stomach, but I’ve got to say it. You probably don’t have what it takes to work from home and make money online like me.

The natural reaction most of us have would have to this statement would be:

“HEY! Yes I do!! I do so have what it takes…I’ll sign up and show you!!

Boom, it’s over. They’ve got you.

Lead Generation

I’ve listed “It’s a lead generation system” as both a Pro and a Con because this can be seen as both good and bad.

Lead generation systems are great if you know how to generate leads. If you do know how to effectively do that, then Project Payday could very well be a good system for you.

However, it’s very unlikely that a beginner would know how to generate leads at all, let alone generate enough leads ie 1000’s of them each month to be able to make money. 

Project Payday Training

Classified ads:

You are taught to place classified ad postings in the “jobs” section of classified ad sites. This is done with somewhat truthful subject lines twisted around to make them sound like great jobs and attract more clicks.

This is a very time consuming way to try and get your message seen by enough people.

One person doing ad posting each one by each one has no hope at all of competing with the pro’s who do this as a career. Those people have automated posting programs that put out thousands of ads out at once.

This method seems easy but it gets a lot more complicated when you start to learn more about online marketing rules and see that this method essentially adds up to spamming ad sites.

The large sites like Craigslist watch very closely for too many ads coming from one IP address. You will be penalized or banned altogether if they spot this.

The option here is to buy additional software that hides your IP address and then begin posting ads “under the radar” so to speak.

This seems like a “Black Hat” technique to me and I never recommend any shady marketing tactics.

Promote Free Websites:

The freebie websites you get for promoting these offers are cookie cutter websites with the same free offers on them that thousands and thousands of others have on them.

This is presented in a way that makes that sound good on the surface but a new internet marketer or online income seeker would have no hope at all at making a website like that rank and it would never be found by anyone.

No visitors = no earnings.

Project Payday Support

They have a “New Member Mentoring” program that is automatically provided after the initial basic lessons have been completed. This program says it provides new members with 2 mentors who are already successful and experienced.

There is a members resource section, contents currently unknown.

Project Payday Oddities

1. It very quickly skims over the fact that one of their methods is to promote a cookie cutter website populated with offers just the same as thousands of others.

This is an excerpt from

…Another way to earn with Project Payday is to work with the incentivised free websites. An example of these kinds of websites is the free iPhone offers that you see all over the Internet. 

For those that don’t know yet, this is an almost impossible task.

2. Re: BBB – given that the rating system of the BBB and the entire BBB itself has a few credibility issues of it’s own, I wonder about this statement from Project Payday itself:

ProjectPayday is accredited by the BBB with an A- rating. This is no easy feat for a work at home company. BBB accreditation means they passed an advertising reviews and means that they honor their word when it comes to customer service, refunds, and income claims.

Please read this ABC News article which points out just a few of the issues that are surfacing for the BBB and why you shouldn’t trust their ratings or accreditation.

3. The raving feedback and piles of positive comments from “readers” in the comment section below the review of PPD on IMReportcard seem quite robotic and unnatural.

It’s almost as though they are not written by a human. Again, this is something that an aspiring internet marketer would not be able to identify.

On the surface it looks like many, many people happy with the product and making income but I’m not so sure about that…

There’s a conflict of interest here, don’t you think??

I had to dig back TWO years to find an actual human written complaint by a dissatisfied customer. This strikes me as a red flag because this “opportunity” has already been reported as a scam by many other readers/websites.

There should be a lot more real negative reviews, but I suppose having those published would be bad for business.

4. This is another quote from the inner sales page that comes up when you look for more testimonials.

You might plan on working 2 hours a day, three days a week. But if you find out there’s an awesome game on TV or something else comes up … it’s no big deal because you can just move Project Payday to another day.

Every single bit of research I could find about PPD said that it’s a good system and that it does produce results if you work really hard and consistently and also know how to create 1000’s of leads.

The statement above doesn’t say anything about working hard or doing it consistently.

My Verdict of Project Payday

I stop short of calling this a scam, because I believe this system can work for some people if they know how to generate 1000’s of leads every month already.

However, I don’t recommend this business opportunity because of it’s misleading nature spanning across many elements of it.

I don’t believe PPD works for most people, it requires skills that new internet marketers simply do not have yet.

Project Payday Quick Recap

Pricing Levels:Project Payday
$34.95 once or you may complete a “Partner Offer” in exchange for membership if you cannot pay the standard $34.95 joining fee

Creator: Monika St. John
Important Note: Project Payday and have common owners

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Verdict: I don’t recommend this program as I don’t think it’s actually geared towards beginners. It’s also blatantly misleading you about how easy it is to produce income with it.

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