Name: Online Income Master Class
Website: forwards to
Price: First appears to be only $47 one time but is actually $47 per month
Owner: James FrancisOnline Income Master Class

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

Verdict: I’m not convinced there is $47 worth of material in it

OIMC Overview

This product appears like all the rest. The maker of the website talks about how broke and hopeless his life was until he found this super exclusive online money  making secret.

It claims to have the secret information to online riches that has been cruelly kept from you. If you just buy this product then all your life’s problems will be solved. The presentation starts with a video about how this regular guy found the secret to online riches and you are just $47 away from that secret too. 

The Pros & Cons

Pro #1 – It’s a low enough price point to be affordable to many people online
Pro #2 – Price includes some coaching with one person
Pro #3 – Instantly downloadable, you can waste your money anytime day or night

Con #1 – It’s a low enough price point to get a lot of people to buy on emotional impulse
Con #2 – Emotionally manipulative use of language
Con #3 – It makes you feel like you better hurry and buy now or forever lose this fantastic opportunity
Con #4 – You don’t have to do any customer service or stock any products. No headaches… just collect pure commissions with no effort. Really?
Con #5 – When you try to investigate, the links just go round and around to a video about a hamburger with no “stop” button
Con#6 – Price includes some coaching with one person, maximum 4 hours per month (That’s it?)

Who is the OIMC For?

Online Income Master Class BonusThis product is aimed at the millions of people online who really want out of their jobs or need to make extra money.

It’s also targeted at the people who don’t yet know what it really takes to earn money online. They’re told it’s a big secret. You feel pressured to buy because you might miss out AGAIN.

Tools & Training

  • There doesn’t appear to be a forum or any chat system
  • There doesn’t appear to have any kind of technical support if you have trouble with your website
  • There is no mention of any concrete tools for you to use
  • They provide a chart so you can keep a check list of all the material and keep organized
  • There is a 6 part step-by-step training (on what subject?)

OIMC Support

You get very limited coaching time with the owner…maybe…or it could be one of his “trusted advisors”. You can send a email to them and they will answer within 24 hours. This is what they call one-on-one support. 

OIMC Oddities

The cost is $47 on the surface. However, if you decide to not purchase at that time for any reason and click away, you get a pop up screen that looks like this and says that the product is now only $1! However, I’m betting this only for the first month. If a month is really only worth a dollar then charge everyone $1 up front for the first month. Online Income Master Class for Only $1

They provide website templates “done for you” and pre-written emails to send out. There is no mention of the fact that this will be considered duplicate content and your cookie cutter website will be penalized by Google and not rank well.

Verdict of OIMC

My final verdict is that this product is far too expensive for what you get. There is not enough training material outlined in the sales pages, it only talks about how much money “they” are making and how much you are not!

All good opportunities will focus on the training and support YOU will get.

The biggest thing to remember is don’t allow yourself to be emotionally swayed. Put your credit card away and sleep on it

If it’s truly a great offer, then it will still be available tomorrow morning or next week.

Online Income Master Class RecapOnline Income Master Class

Name: Online Income Master Class or possibly Six Figure Shortcut
forwards to

Price: First appears to be only $47 once but is actually $47 per month
Owners: James Francis
Overall Rank: 20 out of 100
Verdict: I’m not convinced there is $47 worth of material in it

Remember most opportunities are not opportunities for you…but YOU are the opportunity for the person pitching the product.

Have you had any experience with Online Income Master Class?
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