Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1

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Price: Level 1 is included with the Starter Membership in Wealthy Affiliate

Creators: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 100 out of 100

Verdict: This is the best place for an aspiring webmaster to learn the proper techniques of online business.

This is also the best place to learn the mechanics of how to build a website and how to properly increase traffic.

OEC Level 1 Review

The Pros & Cons

Pro #1 – The most in depth training you’ll find anywhere
Pro #2 – It’s perfect for those with no prior online marketing skills
Pro #3 – It levels the playing field making online business ownership open to all
Pro #4 – It comes with a massive community of like-minded people to help

Con #1 – It may be too technical for some
Con #2 – It takes time and commitment to see it through to create income

It’s perfect for all beginner webmasters, affiliate marketers and aspiring online marketers.

The support you’ll receive with this training is offered through a community of many skilled members. The owners definitely support it and will help you along as well.

OEC Level 1 Oddities

The most odd thing I could find about the OEC Level 1 is how high the quality level of the training is compared to other online marketing training available out there. The is quality is such that you might wonder if it’s too good to be true.

My Opinion of OEC Level 1

This training is absolutely required and at the top of my list for a beginner webmaster. The easy to follow steps and detailed instructions make it possible for anyone to begin laying the foundations of a great website regardless of the current skill level.

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Seeking and achieving knowledge is a critical part of growth and success at any level in any field. This is no different when building an online career.

The 4 “Online Entrepreneur Certification” courses are exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate and are a crucial step in laying the correct foundation blocks of your online business..  

 There are so many pitfalls and problems that arise that can potentially ruin all of your efforts in one click.

It’s really important to stick with people who already know the ropes and will help you avoid the many things that can go wrong as well as avoid ineffective or out dated techniques that just use up valuable time.

The reason for getting cutting edge, quality training in online marketing should be pretty clear, you’ll learn more faster and achieve results sooner.

No where else online or offline will you find this level and this quality of online marketing training. End of story.

The price of Premium membership is just pennies a day for access to all levels of this training…which is simply not available anywhere else.

Online Entrepreneur Certification 

This series of lessons will lead you through choosing something to write about (this is your niche), learning the basic steps of how to write interesting content that others will be keen to read, don’t worry it’s easier than it sounds.

These include the beginning steps of setting up your own website. There are 10 lessons that take you right from square one all the way to having a website framework that you can build upon for years to come to create an in-depth website and online business.

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 Lessons

  1. Getting Rolling
  2. Understanding How to Make Money Online
  3. Choose a Niche
  4. Building Your Own Website
  5. Setting Up Your Own Website
  6. Getting Your Site Ready for SEO
  7. Finding Content Ideas from Keywords
  8. Understand Website Pages & Creating Your First Three Pages
  9. Creating Quality Website Content
  10. Congratulations…

This is just level one.

The Online Entrepreneur Certification Feedback

This is what some of the previous participants are saying about the first level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course:

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 Testimonials

If you’re serious about learning online marketing as a new new income source or even just as a new side venture, then this is definitely the course you need to start with. 

This is what you can expect to learn by the end of the Level One classes:

Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1 Benefits

OEC Level 1 Quick Recap

Start: Online Entrepreneur Certification Level One

Price Points: Free with Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate

Creators: Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate 
Overall Rank: 100 out of 100
Verdict: This is step 1, it’s required learning for everyone who wants to build an income producing website.

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Online Entrepreneur Certification Level 1

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