My Story

How did I get here?? Let me tell ya!

Over the years, I’ve tried so many different business opportunities, MLM programs, products, mail order, envelope stuffing and other things both online and offline. You name it, it feels like I’ve tried EVERYTHING!

I was looking at all products from the over inflated promises of great wealth with various products and tools, ebooks, internet money making systems, short cuts, automated this’s and that’s, ad placing systems, safelists, “get rich tomorrow by doing nothing” type stuff.

I was on everyone’s list! I was getting dozens of “opportunity” emails daily. It didn’t end…I was still getting nowhere.

MeThankfully I had very little money and couldn’t afford most of them which saved me from losing a lot of money. 

After a lot of failed attempts and wasting what little money I had on “cookie cutter” sites and products that promised great wealth easily. I found out that I had a lot to learn. 

All the while, I had been hovering around Wealthy Affiliate. I decided to join after reading many, many reviews and feeling confident that they offered much more service than they charged for.

Fast forward 8 years, I’m still a proud member of WA and I think I always will be. As long as you put in the time and effort, Wealthy Affiliate provides the rest. 

Thanks to WA, I can now say that I’ve had some success and now know a thing or two about website building and online marketing.

That’s an amazing feat considering the fact that I didn’t even understand why I needed an email address way back at the beginning of this new fangled interweb thing lol 😉

Anyway, thank you for your visit and please stop by my WA profile and say hello.

Have a wonderful and enlightening day filled with gratitude!


  1. I can really relate to your story. When I finally became aware of Internet Marketing I knew that it was for me. Couldn’t wait to count my millions. 😀 That was really my downfall. Since being around WA for a couple of years I have finally settled down and reworked my goals to a much more reasonable and achievable level.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Yes our experiences are similar, all I could think of was those millions and getting them right away. The internet had to have the answer to that somewhere. That mindset cost me a few dollars buying crappy products and misleading systems at the beginning. WA settled me down too. (Thankfully)

      I remember the day I let go of the “quick riches” thing, it was a sad few hours while I was realizing and accepting that there was no quick way to the money and that I would have to work hard for it (and keep my job) for a long time. I’m glad WA has helped you set achievable goals, that’s critical to building up to bigger ones and not always feeling behind and defeated. Once I got comfy at WA, I could see what needed to be done and I now understand what it takes to succeed long term. 🙂

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