Name: My Free Affiliate Site
(Google cannot find it at the time of this writing)
Price: Free or The Pro Plan is $19.95, + Hosting

Owners: Andrew Szabo, Kimberley Hoffman of Dot Com Creations
(Quote from my receipt is “My Free Affiliate Site brought to you by Dot Com Creations, LLC”)

Country of Origin: Appears to be USA but may include others
Overall Rank: 15 out of 100

My Free Affiliate Site SystemMy Free Affiliate Site

This is (was) a Clickbank product that offered an affiliate website to you for no cost. The main My Free Affiliate Site is not found at the time of this writing, so I couldn’t get current screenshots of the system. 

I purchased this program in February 2010, way back when I knew nothing about online marketing and building websites at all. I paid $67 USD to join and receive 5 pre-made websites.

Where did it go?

It took quite a bit of effort to find any current, straight forward information on this opportunity.
If it still can be found the websites come preloaded with sales copy and three products that you can start promoting right away. The free website package has a few free bonuses and limited support.

You are provided with preloaded websites that have prewritten material and information already on it. At the free level the website is not alterable and you must promote it as is. Your domain name is simply the “my free affiliate site” domain name with your Clickbank affiliate code at the end. 

Free Plan or Pro Plan

On the free plan your are not permitted to change anything about the site you are given, but with the Pro plan you are allowed to make revisions and customize more elements of the site. 

If you choose the free plan, you are not permitted to make changes to the sales copy. At first this sounds fantastic and a lot easier, you might be thinking that’s great because it means you don’t have to write.

But what it really means is that you will be promoting a website identical to an unknown number of other websites that are also say exactly the same thing and are promoting the exact same stuff.

In Google’s eyes this is a duplicate content situation and your site will be penalized and not rank well.

The Pro plan paid service that allows more benefits and customization features to your websites. With this package you can choose your own domain name, make changes to the sales copy and develop the site with your own twist. 

This is good because you get to build the site yourself and choose what products you want to promote from a large selection. You must buy hosting through Blue Wire Domains only.

The Pros

Pro #1 – Simple and easy set up for someone new to online marketing
Pro #2 – Affiliate program operates through Clickbank, so you know you’ll get paid
Pro #3 – Targets a large, in demand niche subject – weight loss

The Cons

Con #1 – Continuous Upsells
Con #2 – The home page is very scammy looking
Con #3 – Has images of money and wealth, usually a tell tale sign of a misleading program
Con #4 – Probably fabricated Clickbank income screenshots,
Con #5 – Targets a large, high competition niche – weight loss

If that Clickbank data is real, then there are a lot of people that fell for this one.

This appears to be a cookie cutter weight loss product site, but makes no mention of what exactly the products or services are on the surface. They keep you distracted with images of wealth and money.

Who is MFAS For?

This site seems to target the millions of people online who have no idea what’s actually involved with successful online marketing, but still want to make money from home really badly.

This equals someone really easy to convince…and separate from their money.

Its price point was huge at $1497 and now it’s free, really? This means that you are being targeted again.

The intention is to make you think that you are special…and you are 😉 but not to these shady biz-op promoters. You’re just a wallet to them.

They want you to think you are receiving a screaming good deal. A deal that they will always say is almost over or if you don’t sign up right away then you’ll miss out.

Remember: If it’s a good opportunity it will be there tomorrow or next week after you sleep on it and have time to think it through before buying.

Oddities of MFAS

Just now, I noticed something interesting on my receipt from back in February 2010. It has the invoice number as “mfas67”.

Do you notice anything about that?

The invoice number on my receipt was “MFAS67”. This immediately showed me that I was the sucker.

What it said was is: MFAS (My Free Affiliate System) and 67 (the price I paid).

This says to me that their invoices are coded to indicate to THEM which scam is being promoted at the time and how much was charged for it.

There seems to be an interlocking web of sites that all were at one point taking unsuspecting people in circles thinking they were seeing different opportunities. and (now up for sale) and all are linked but do not come up anymore.

Tools & Training

Very little could been seen from the homepage. You had to sign up to view anything that could help you see what the opportunity was. The fact that the products are based in weight loss is far from clear.

Again, a new internet marketer wouldn’t know yet that the niche of weight loss is FIERCELY competitive. You need some pre-existing website marketing skills to dive into that one successfully.

My Final Opinion 

I don’t think this opportunity is a risk any longer, but should you find this anywhere and someone recommends that you buy it…don’t!

The was never any hope of making money with this product due to the pre-made and duplicate nature of the sites, they were all duplicate content.

The no-cost, beginners level of this training program allows 100% customization of your new website, it’s not a cookie cutter system in the slightest and the hosting is included for two of them. Don’t waste your time with anything else.

As for MFAS opportunity, it may be gone but keep your eyes peeled in the future for these names, “opportunities” like this will often reincarnate and pop up again in a new form but the makers of them are often the same.

My Free Affiliate Site Recap

Price: Free or The Pro Plan is $19.95, + Hosting with Blue Wire
Owners: Andrew Szabo, Kimberley Hoffman of Dot Com Creations
Country of Origin: Appears to be USA but may include others
Quality Rank: 
15 out of 100

Verdict: Not Recommended, there are other products and services available that will work better and provide much more for your dollar. There is too many bad reviews from other reporting websites about this “opportunity”.

Did you get mixed up with this site in the past?
Please leave a comment below if you had an experience, either positive or negative.

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