Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, or Does It?

I don’t know about you but I feel pretty happy when I have a big wad of money in my hand!

I didn’t see anything in life’s rule book that says we have to resign to a life of ‘just over broke’ pay cheques and therefore a long trudge through life under heavy stress and obligations.

It’s time to set new rules for yourself and get moving!

Over the years you’ve probably heard some people say that desiring money and seeking great wealth is selfish and/or vain. These people might also say that you only care about yourself if you think this way. 

Some even say that those who desire great wealth are not community conscious and are selfish and not looking out for their fellow man.
Money, Money, Money

This is so NOT true!

It’s not selfish or shameful at all to want a lot of money or to be seeking great wealth. 


When a person has a lot of money or an abundant consistent cash flow, it buys a lot of personal financial options, financial security, time freedom and more.

This is not to mention the emotional security and the peace of mind that’s gained from abundance.

Having enough money buys things such as:

  • time freedom
  • financial security
  • lower stress living
  • financial options
  • peace of mind
  • It’s never worrying about the rent or mortgage
  • It buys the ability to take a vacation whenever you want (paid in full every time, that is)
  • It’s having no debt

It’s actually THESE things that bring us calm, peace of mind and happiness.

It’s very rare that the actual direct attaining and keeping of the money that makes us happy, but it’s what we can do with this significant cash flow and time that brings us happiness.

When you have abundant cash flow it opens up time and options to do the things that make us happy. 

When everything is covered financially with ample room to spare, we feel lower stress and that can easily lead to better health.

Think about how good you’d feel waking up each day, if you already knew the mortgage was paid, all the bills are paid, the fridge is full and all household expenses were covered?

That’s a big bit of happiness right there!

It’s not bad to want wealth for yourself and your family. If you’re the one who is seeking a lot of money, then keep going for it! 

If you are one of the ones who says wealth seeking is vain or selfish, keep reading.

What We Can Do When We Have Enough

When one has enough money for themselves and their daily needs – no matter what amount of money makes them content – the excess naturally flows to other people. 

When we are not working ourselves to death every single day for our own bills, debts and very survival, most of us will naturally begin to want to help others.

It’s deep instinctive programming in our human nature for us to help each other, proof of this is shown every time there’s a natural disaster or tragedy. People immediately jump to help others without a second thought. 

We all (usually) like to help each other and lend a hand anywhere we can.  

When you have abundant money and cash flow for your own needs you will naturally feel compelled to help others, just because you can and have the means to do it.

Notice Pay It Forward Situations

Suppose you keep a $50 or a $100 bill in your wallet and just leave it there, remember that all your financial needs are well covered. The intent with that money is to use it in a pay it forward situation and help someone in a tough spot. 

You might be able to spontaneously help the struggling mom or dad in the grocery store who can’t quite afford the weeks food for their family. If you gave them that $50 bill right into their hand…I promise you, that parent would never, ever forget it.

Then, later on they will feel compelled to help others and similarly pay it forward as soon as they are able. The circle of paying forward grows a bit more.

Helping someone in the grocery store like that would be an amazing, heart warming experience for you and them and would only be possible when you have more than enough money to cover your own needs. Striving for the opportunity to be able to do this isn’t selfish.

When you have plenty of cash flow you can do so many things that aren’t possible when every day is a dollar to dollar and pay cheque to pay cheque struggle.

  • It becomes possible to do fun things like go grocery shopping and then drive it all over to the food bank for donation. This isn’t selfish.

Doing personally delivered food donation -of any size- is an amazingly humbling experience, everyone should do it.

Personally delivered means physically taking the food to the food bank yourself when they’re open, not just dropping it in to a ‘food bank box’ somewhere else.

You could take it a step further and volunteer at your local food bank. This is far from selfish and easily possible when you have time freedom and abundant cash flow.

  • Wouldn’t it be great to go to the store and buy a mountain of good quality clothes and then donate it all to the women’s shelter.
  • Local charities usually have adopt-a-family hamper programs at Christmas time. You’d literally be able to give a Christmas to a family and kids who wouldn’t otherwise have one. 

This isn’t selfish and easily doable when making and having enough money for your own survival isn’t a struggle everyday.

Notice the next time on TV, you’ll see the charity foundations asking for financial help in providing wells and clean water to arid starving villages around the world…

  • Imagine making this phone call to any of the foundations: “Hello, I’d like to buy a well and fresh water for one of the villages…or hang on, how about 2, make it 2 wells! I think I’d like to help two villages today”.

You would change the lives of so many people and children with one phone call. Doing this type of thing is surprisingly affordable anyway (less than $100 each) but do you see what I mean?

How awesome would that feel?? That’s not selfish at all, wouldn’t that make a person happy? 

The choices become abundant when you have financial freedom and the time freedom gained from having plenty of money.

When you have a lot of personal cash flow and all your needs are covered, these are the types of activities that would frequently be possible.

It would make me very happy to be able to do those things and to have the peace of mind of ample consistent cash flow. Would it make you happy?

My Conclusion:

Money Can Buy Happiness


But it happens indirectly, think of how happy you’d be inside if you could do any of those things mentioned above, just because you could and wanted to?

It would bring a person an amazing level of inner contentment and happiness.

I believe that our personal happiness, health, emotional security, behaviour and decision making are all tied to money and cash flow way more than we like to think it is.

If you’re striving to be wealthy, never stop working for it and never apologize for it.
Just make sure you help others when you get there!

Have you done any pay it forward activities lately? What’s your opinion? Leave a comment below.

The next hurdle after accepting and understanding that striving for great wealth doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing, it’s deciding how you’re going to accomplish it and build that elusive, abundant cash flow!

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