Manifestation Miracle ReviewManifestation Miracle E-book

Website: Manifestation Miracle (.com)

Price: $47.00 with optional Upsells

Topic: Law of Attraction and Manifestation

Purpose: To teach a person how to create the life they want through the power of thought, gratitude and specific energy output.

The Manifestation Miracle

This product is based on the principles of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is not new, the concept has been around for over 100 years or maybe longer.

There are many people that believe when someone controls their way of thinking in a specific way, then you gain the ability of attracting (manifesting) what you want to see in your physical life.

This could be anything from increasing your income to finding a job that makes you happier or your goal could be to lose weight, attract a mate or achieve just about anything you wish.

It is said that all of your thoughts (both positive and negative) send out vibrations which help sculpt your life into what it is. This happens whether you know you are doing it or not.

So the theory is that if you think a certain way and exude gratitude in everything that you do, then you’ll find your life begin to change. Interesting meetings and oddly positive things begin to happen.

Events and situations will begin to line up and you’ll have the tools available to achieve whatever goal you wish.

The Pros

Pro #1 – Affordable, compared to other similar products available
Pro #2 – It uses a well known, old philosophy
Pro #3 – It actually works when done properly and consistently
Pro #4 – It’s a very humbling exercise to be grateful for little things
Pro #5 It’s a Clickbank product, so refunds are easy and guaranteed

The Cons

Con #1 It pulls at your emotions and fears
Con #2 Claims to have a secret about The Secret
Con #3 The video is long and  repeats its’ point over and over

Manifestation Miracle is for everyone who wants to improve the circumstances in their lives.

Try out this quick 60 second quiz to find out what’s actually holding you back from achieving the life you want filled with unlimited abundance.

It’s much easier to conquer your own inner hurdles when you know exactly what they are. It’s very hard to change things if you can’t clearly see what needs changing.


Most of us are so busy running through life, dealing with bills and jobs and kids and everything else that we begin to miss the little things that are so great about our lives.

This whole concept begins with being truly grateful, every single day for the tiniest things in your life. When you practice being grateful for things such as: having warm socks on a cold night, running water or even a bed to sleep in. 

It’s easy to take the little things for granted and forget to think about how unpleasant our lives would be without them.

Expressing and exuding gratitude to this level is going to change how you perceive everything that you see in front of you.

The sun is brighter, the birds chirp louder and things just seem a little easier to handle. This is not to say that life magically becomes easy and all the tough things you might be facing are gone.

The tough things we face are there also to teach us something or strengthen our resolve, be thankful for those things too.

I’m not sure how but it seems to make things, even the toughest things seem a little easier to handle, or maybe it draws upon an unseen strength within us.

Manifestation Miracle Quick Recap

Destiny Tuning - Manifestation MiracleThis is a Law of Attraction product that will teach you an additional secret element, a gap if you will, in the original law of attraction teachings.

The secret “missing” bit of information that’s supposed to go with the law of attraction that has stopped it from working for you in the past is this: Destiny Tuning.

This is all about the vibrations you send out to the universe. What you send out, you receive back. I believe this concept to be very true and it works well when done for long enough.

I’ll add an update here with feedback about the product after I try it out and learn more about destiny tuning.

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