Make Money Online from What You Already Know

If I could show you a way to make money online using skills and knowledge from what you already know how to do…Would that grab your attention?I hope so! I’m talking about building a website around your favourite subject and creating income with it.

Key to SuccessThere are millions of different products, subjects and activities at our fingertips. These include everything from cars to animals to kids to parenting to cooking and everything in between.

Any subject you can name, you can bet someone is interested in it.  If someone is interested in it, you can also bet they are looking for information and products related to it.

Where do people go (almost exclusively) for information these days? You got it…

Google is King

The vast majority of internet users and surfers will go do a Google search when they want to find, buy or learn something. Also, as a preference some people will go to Bing and Yahoo to search for the same information. 

The knowledge you already have in an offline hobby or interest subject can easily be adapted and transferred into the content of a website.

Hobbies = Niche = Online Income

When your hobby or interest is translated in to a website and put online it is then called a “niche” site. The people interested in that niche are your potential customers. They are searching for you just as much as you are searching for them.

It doesn’t matter what subject it is, there is room for more new websites in all interest areas all the time. The internet is a living thing and continues to evolve and grow every minute of every day. 

Do You Love to Bake or Cook?

Subjects like these as well as so many others can be made into terrific websites and profitable online businesses.

  • Woodworking
  • Children
  • Fishing/Boating
  • Swimming
  • Skiing
  • Plumbing/Electronics
  • Sports
  • Snowboarding/Skiing
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Sewing
  • Dogs, Cats or any animal

Each of these subjects could be subdivided in to hundreds if not thousands more “micro-niches” as well. This list could easily be miles long. There are thousands and thousands of possible niches. 

The key to bringing it all to life is applying the hobby and its information to a website. 

The Power is Immense

The internet is growing at an exponential rate, thousands more people are getting online by the minute. It’s only poised to get larger and become a bigger part of our daily lives. 

Most people use the internet for surfing, watching YouTube, Facebook-ing, or generally killing time, playing Farmville and other games available online.

If you put that same time toward learning how to make a great website completely focused on your interest subject, you can actually eventually make a good amount of money doing that. 

No Selling Needed

It’s all about sharing the knowledge you already have with people who are hungry for the information ALREADY. Offer them great relevant products with thorough information and you can’t help but make sales and earn commission doing it.

You won’t need to “sell” anything to anyone. Just provide great information and relevant products related to your talents and teach your visitors about the subject.

Take “gardening” for example, this is called a broad niche with thousands of niches and micro-niches within it.

A niche can be plants and then details of them like the Achillea Ptarmica pictured below, then there’s problems with flowers, how to grow them, soil preferences and so many more topics that could be listed, but all related to gardening is some way or another.

You could branch off into food gardening and all the elements and parts to it, that is another huge field of interest. 

Provide Value

Do You Love Gardening?

People are searching for information. This is the very core of online marketing and providing value to a consumer through your website. This is content marketing and it’s big business.

Even if you are not an expert at your hobby, share what you do know at any level and learn more as you go.

There are plenty of people who are just starting out and looking to learn all sorts of things at all levels.

For someone who’s never tried “x-y-z” before then you will definitely be able to show them a lot and impart useful knowledge to them. Soon, you’ll have a website containing lots of interesting information.

This is what gets recognized by Google and your site begins to rise in the SERP rankings.

This increases your exposure to the interested people that then become your “traffic” and then after that they develop into potential customers.

When Should I Start?

The best time to start your own website was yesterday, the second best time to start your own website is right now.

It’s easier than you might think to turn your enjoyable hobbies and activities in to a real, professional website.

Very quickly, you can have a website that people can actually find that’s jammed full of all the knowledge you’ve gained over the years. 

You will be surprised at how many people are interested in what you already know and skills that you might think are “nothing”.

The key to success just might already be within you, it’s likely already in your hands.

Leave a comment below and tell me what your favourite hobbies are.
You can bet there is a hungry niche market online looking for information and products related to it.

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best online marketing training available anywhere.

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