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Pricing: $77
www.localmobilemonopoly.com (disabled due to service violations)Local Mobile Monopoly Logo

Creators: Adam Horowitz & Tim Donovan
Overall Rank:
80 out of 100

Verdict: This type of marketing is a lot harder than it first seems. It’s definitely harder than the sales pages lead you to believe. The suggested methods outlined in this opportunity do not work as promised and you won’t be able to create sales.

LMM Overview

This is a product that says it will provide all of the tools necessary to make a seriously huge amount of money using it. Don’t they all?

LMM is typical as with so many other online opportunities, it says you don’t need to do much of anything other than buy their system.

It claims that you need no website, no blog nor any traffic. It says you don’t need to know code or SEO or anything. What do you need to know??

In the case of LMM, this concept on the surface isn’t actually a bad thing. It’s not bad because Local Mobile Monopoly is a text message advertising system and not so much an online product to push. Watch this video to see what it’s about:Local Mobile Monopoly Video

The product teaches you how to do text message marketing and advertising for local businesses. 

This form of advertising is not used very much but easily could be employed as a very effective marketing campaign for some local businesses to draw in new customers from their area.

The Pros

Pro #1 – It’s a little used form of advertising, creating lots of opportunity
Pro #2 – This is a primarily offline opportunity
Pro #3 – Text message based advertising
Pro #4 –  You may be able to help local businesses advertise cost effectively

The Cons

Con #1 – It may be hard to convince business owners to try it out
Con #2 – The LMM sales page is dated 2011
Con #3 – Does not appear to have been updated since 2011
Con #4 
It seems a bit unrealistic on the surface, flashy income claims
Con #5 –
Sales page has too many arrows and giant “shouting” font
Con #6 – Training videos are showing outdated information
Con #7 – Sales page is full of hype and hollow words

One big problem arises when you try to use the provided promotion copy and materials..they get rejected from ad sites. The owners “proven campaigns” do not get approved and do not have a chance at making sales.

LMM Unique Features

There are several unique features to LMM that other business opportunities don’t have, some of these are referenced above and listed below. It’s a little less technical than some other products and you don’t need to build a website.

Local Mobile Monopoly - Don't Need List

Too good to be true? Probably.

Who is Local Mobile Monopoly for?

This is a business opportunity is sold to everyone that’s interested in creative ways to make money. This opportunity is the same as building any business for yourself, it takes time and effort. 

LMM Training

As far as training and learning how to promote this system, I could find only 8 short video lessons on basic set up. The total of all of these videos together is 44 minutes and 28 seconds. This is not what I consider to be thorough training.

One of the videos is on the subject of Article Marketing. It isn’t much more than a recommendation to use Ezine Articles to post your own articles on. This is outdated information since the Panda and Penguin updates of Google.

Google hit article marketing in general really hard and then subsequently hit all of the article directories that were not keeping a close eye on the quality of the submissions they approved. 

LMM Oddities

My only question so far is regarding the dated nature of the sales page. If it’s a new and ground breaking idea in 2011 that’s set to change how advertising is done…why have we not heard more about it by 2014?

I found a colleague’s review which outlines this opportunity and labels it “outdated” back in 2010.

I purchased it (and lost another $77) in 2011 as a newbie and didn’t realize that it was already outdated before I bought it.

Local Mobile Monopoly Quick Recap

Name: Local Mobile Monopoly
Website: www.localmobilemonopoly.com

Price: $77Local Mobile Monopoly Logo

Creator: Adam Horowitz & Tim Donovan
Overall Rank:
50 out of 100

My Verdict:

This type of marketing is a lot harder than it first seems. It’s definitely harder than the sales pages lead you to believe. The suggested methods outlined in this opportunity do not work as promised.  

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