Although the vast majority of the internet activity originates in the USA, Canada, UK are the top three generators of online revenue and sales (right now), with the USA by far in the lead. 

Make Money Online in Canada

There are a few other countries quickly emerging as larger participants in online business in Asia, such as Japan and China as well as India.

Canadian’s may be wondering what opportunities are out there on the internet for them.

Learning how to make money online in Canada is not really that hard or even that much different from those people residing in the USA or UK. 

.CA or .COM

It’s easy to assume that because we live in Canada that we should automatically choose a domain with the “.ca” extension. Likewise, if you live in the UK you might think it’s better to choose “.uk”.

This is incorrect. You’ll still want to choose a “.com” extension with your selected domain name no matter your location.

The only time that choosing a .ca or .uk or another extension is better is if you are making a website for a very local business in that country that has no need to be found online globally.

Choosing “country specific” domain extensions are very limiting if you would like to build a sustainable global internet business

All effort should be put into finding a domain that’s available with a .comThe second choice would be “.net” and the third would be “.org”. 

URL Extensions

If you can’t find your domain available within these three options then you should consider altering your desired domain name just a little bit to make it possible to find a .com.


Don’t choose to add dashes. A domain name like this one will be a challenge, “”

Try saying that out loud. Here goes…”www dot this dash will dash not dash work dash to dash your dash advantage dot info”

It’s very arduous and time consuming to tell that domain name to someone and expect them remember it. It won’t happen. 

Your website will not gain any visitors from verbal requests because they won’t be able to remember your domain name to go see it.

Avoid .info, .biz, .co along with anything else that is unknown or obscure


If you choose to buy a domain from GoDaddy please be aware that during the checkout procedure they will upsell you like crazy.

They will make you think that you need to buy every extension possible that matches your desired domain name. Don’t fall for it, just scroll to the bottom and skip past all the upsells. 

Godaddy Domain Search Page

You can always buy the other extensions in the future if you really want to, but chances are really good you’ll never need them. It’s not important to have anything more than one good .com when you are just starting out.

The upsells are put in place to increase GoDaddy’s profits. They are certainly not there to help you own the best domain available. As a quick summary your domain extension choices should be:

  1. .com
  2. .net
  3. .org

If one of these three are not available then go back to the drawing board (or keyword tool) to choose something else. There are many great domain names still available and with just a few tries and a little effort you will find one perfect for your website and idea. 

Important note:

Don’t spend any more than $10-$15 on a single domain name. Also, don’t get involved with auctions or trying to gain possession of expensive high demand domain names. These can run into the thousands and thousands of dollars.

After you have chosen and purchased a good .com domain name then you are ready for the next step along the road of learning to make money online in Canada.

Take the next step: How to Build a Website.

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