Independent Profit Centre Review

This is an Independent Profit Center (IPC) product review based on my experience with the system in early 2010

Owner: Dan Miller
(Google couldn’t find it at the time of this writing)

Price: $249
Overall Satisfaction Rank: 0 out of 100

Description of IPC

IPC was a “One tier” or “Direct pay” program.

It was a one time purchase product package with no monthly fees (other than hosting) that costs $249. This is a $49 administration fee for set up and $200 to the person that you join under. 

IPC Homepage

It is a software package that you purchase the resale rights for and then you can resell it for repeated payments of $200 each time a visitor buys a package. 

I was given a replicated site with my name and number at the top. My site looked like everyone else’s, it was just like the one shown here.

Who was IPC For?

They promote this product as suitable for everyone of all computer skill levels. They claim that it’s the easiest and most legitimate system available online.

They said anyone could succeed with the program, even those with no computer skills. As far as additional fees:

You have the option to buy and set up your own domain name and then redirect it to the company replicated site. (I barely understood that sentence at the time let alone how to do it). 

I definitely didn’t know at the time that “redirects” do not equal traffic! The sponsor I had didn’t tell me that.

You are also instructed to sign up for an autoresponder. I didn’t know what that was, they just told me that I  needed it and to pay for it.

Tools, Training and Support

I had no idea how to do any part of what was needed to be successful with IPC. I was assured by my “upline” that I would have lots of help to achieve my first few sales. 

I began asking questions, I really had no idea what I was doing.

However, the person that signed me up lost interest very quickly in helping me learn the ropes and eventually stopped answering my emails.

I didn’t know how to get help from others at the time. My sponsor didn’t teach me anything useful. I got as far as placing free ads for the opportunity.

This of course didn’t show results. I had no idea how futile that method is.

The main IPC website can no longer be found in Google. Therefore, I was not able to get current screenshots showing this.

In the “back office” of the site, in the training section, there were a handful of videos and some single page short instructions on buying a domain name, setting up an autoresponder, setting up payment accounts such as Paypal and Alert Pay. 

The videos were simply an identical audio version of the printed text that was on this “training” page of the main site.

The Pros

  • It’s a simple system if you already know the basics of online marketing and how to get your link or website “out there”
  • Good if you already have a “list” of email subscribers that you can send the offer to
  • Basic video training and reading material is provided
  • No monthly fees (other than hosting)

The Cons

  • Not a program for the absolute beginner
  • Very limited training and knowledge base was very static
  • The sponsors are hard to get help from, if not impossible
  • Very basic video training on a limited number of subjects, some methods are quite outdated

My Verdict

Thumbs Down! If it still exists, I don’t recommend IPC to anyone. If it was a good program at any point in time, that time is long gone now. It is far too incomplete to give you all the pieces you need to start an online business.

Thumbs Down

I don’t consider the IPC program to be all that it was said to be because of the way it preyed upon complete beginners to online marketing, who knew no better.

All of the promotional posts and videos I could find about IPC on YouTube and Google were very old and stale, some dating as far back as 2006.

As well, the links and domains in these videos were all expired and closed. 

Since the main website and company cannot be found, it would seem that this “program” has run it’s course?? There were likely only a few people making money with this system.

How I Got Involved with IPC

This is just a little background of the story for context. I did my research or so I thought. I was a serious newbie and thought I was being diligent. (I had a lot to learn!)

The results for IPC when I did the searches on Google seemed that many people have been successful with it. There were a lot of YouTube videos talking about how great it was and how high the income potential is.

This system was sold as the only thing I needed to achieve endless financial success. (Aren’t they all?) I was lead to believe that anyone could do it, even if you had no computer experience at all.

I found this to be totally untrue. I was asking lots of questions that I thought were relevant, and getting a few answers that I thought were useful.

Nothing was explained along the way, I was completely lost and the training provided was full of holes and just left me more confused and with more questions I couldn’t get answers to.

I didn’t know a lot of things…

  • I didn’t know what a domain name was vs a website
  • I didn’t know how to choose a good domain name
  • I didn’t know what hosting was, what it did or why I needed it
  • I didn’t know what an autoresponder was, let alone what to do with it but I was told to sign up and buy the service

I was so confused even by what seemed most basic to the people trying to teach me. I asked a lot of questions that I thought were good, but only lead me to more confusion with the additional information. These were clearly professionals that didn’t have time for my questions.

I was on the mailing list for another supposedly successful couple doing IPC who were touting that they were making lots of money.

Once I was completely frustrated with my own sponsor, I reached out to them. I replied to the email address contained in their continuous (sometimes daily) email autoresponder messages. 

Their continual messages “assured” me that they were there to help me with my new business. I received no reply at all.

I tried to contact them probably a dozen times with no answer. 

Hindsight is always 20/20

Now I know that I had no hope at all with the level of tools provided with the purchase of IPC. There are far too many gaps in the training with outdated materials. 

It should be no surprise that I did not make any money with it and I definitely don’t recommend it to anyone.

It was a $249 lesson for me.

IPC is no longer in business it seems but I’m still interested to see who has had previous experience with them.

Please leave a comment below with any experience either positive or negative you’ve had with IPC.

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