There are several ways to protect yourself and your wallet from the hundreds of online scams available. 

These are the thousands of “make money online”, “work at home”, “make easy money” and “fire your boss” type products and systems that pop up so frequently on the internet.

They ALL say they have the secret exclusive information that you must have in order to make money online.

How do you tell which opportunities are real and which ones are not?

Who Can I Trust?

All of the “not so good” opportunities and products have similar distinctive qualities about them. 

Learning how to spot a scam (and stay away from it) is critical to your online success and the protection of your credit card balance. 

Those over inflated, very loud, misleading opportunities seriously outnumber the legitimate ones. 98% of the programs out there are scams.

These sales pages on these products make you feel like you are missing something, like you are being left out of life itself. 

They have you drooling at the images and yearning for the lifestyle they depict

But wait, it costs $97, maybe $197, $1197 or something even higher to buy the secret information package that will magically give you this lifestyle. 

Then you pull out your credit card and start typing the numbers, thinking you are only a few clicks from being free of all your financial stresses for good. 

Guess What??

Stop! Guess what? They’ve played with your deepest emotions and insecurities and then…

shamelessly used them against you!

They make you feel like you are missing out on something, no one wants to miss out or be left out. That’s deep human nature.

Usually these type of sales pages work so well it’s hard to even notice that there is no substance or real usable information on the page at all.

What they do talk about as far as features, tools and perks are usually inflated or even outdated. A new person to internet marketing would have no idea that it’s garbage information decorated with fancy terms until long after the sale has been made.

Do you see any of those flashy advertisements saying what you need to DO in order to make this fabulous amount of money? Not usually.

Definition of a Scam

A scam is any misleading system or product where most people do not succeed and never achieve income.

Many scams don’t have a product at all, just the opportunity itself in which you’re only goal is to get people to join the opportunity. 

About 95% percent of all the people who try online marketing will quit before actually making any income. That leaves only 5% that do succeed. Why?

The Reason:

It’s really hard to do it on your own.

It’s very technical behind the scenes of a website and very easy to make mistakes. Also, the rules of Google and how to achieve good rankings are always changing. 

The power of a community is how you stay on top of current events online. It’s very likely that the successful people had this type of support and a good deal of help along the way.

Steps to Identify a Scam

To avoid being scammed, use this criteria to judge the landing page and the information on it. Most of all don’t fall for the emotional traps that are so heartlessly used on us too.

They have:

Be Sharp, Spot a Scam

  • Very urgent subject line
  • Huge font and lots of bright colors
  • There’s a video of the owner talking about how successful he/she is 
  • Bright bold pictures depicting wealth
  • Shows “real proof” with graphs and charts of huge income stats
  • Everyone is very happy and smiling
  • There is nothing at all explaining what you have to do
  • The secret information is exclusive
  • You don’t have to do anything to make money
  • No one else has what’s contained inside the program…no other human has this information (ya sure)
  • You get your “own” website (usually a cookie cutter site with your name at the top)
  • There’s a time limit, hurry up and buy it or they’ll take it away
  • There’s an abnormal amount of bonuses at the bottom of a very long landing page

Notice that there will be no mention of what needs to be done (aka work) on your part in order to make money. The focus is completely on the fantastic wealth.

They just fail to mention that the wealth is not yours. It’s their wealth as they continue to sell garbage products to unsuspecting hopeful wealth seekers.

How does this money magically come to me again? If the product you are looking at fits any of the above descriptions then you probably have a less than truthful product on your hands.

A legitimate opportunity looks like this:

  • There will be no mention of immediate great income or fantastic wealth
  • The amount money that you can make is completely up to you, this is stated
  • Income is not guaranteed at all, this will be stated
  • They will focus on the tools, benefits and features
  • The features will far outweigh the cost
  • They will tell you that you won’t earn a dime without consistent effort

The bottom line is that if you stick with it and learn internet marketing from experienced professionals, then your chances of success increase exponentially. 

All of the scam products and programs out there do not contain enough information for you to earn an income from a website. Simple.

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve run across a shady product lately.

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  1. This is a really good post with some very valuable and useful information – thank you. Those scammers are so clever, it really is a pity they do not want to just do the job properly! I am afraid I have a few of these so-called opportunities in my past, but now more. thanks again.
    Regards and good luck

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you found the info helpful. I agree, the scammers are very clever. They know to hit right where most people (who are searching for opportunities) are not strong…right in the deep emotional triggers about desiring money and/or the pain of not having it.

      It’s very hard to make a decision using a critical mind when that happens. They use really underhanded tricks to make sure you don’t notice you are being played until after you’ve put your credit card info in! It would be really nice if they played above board but they’re not capable of that I don’t think.

      Thanks again, Good luck!

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