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Amazon Associates Homepage.

They are the biggest retailer and third-party retailer of every possible product and service you can think of on the planet. They deal with and ship out millions of products every day to people all over the world.

The last estimate I found was in the range of $3.4 billion in sales in one year. That’s billion with a “B”. That’s a lot of money being handed back and forth. 

Do you want a piece of that pie? Yes? Then keep reading.

Most people think of Amazon as simply a website to conveniently shop from home for just about anything you could ever want.

It’s definitely that! But it can be so much more if you decide to use it in a different way.

What if you decide to help Amazon sell their products?

Earn with AmazonThat’s what we’re talking about here. It’s a very lucrative opportunity if you are willing to work for it. Many, many people make a lot of money every month through Amazon. 

Before you apply to be an associate, you need a website that is reasonably well put together…perfection is not necessary but it does need to have the framework and direction of it evident.

If you don’t have a website started yet, then read this article on How to Build a Website.

Become an Associate

When you choose to be an affiliate for them you become an Amazon Associate and are assigned an ID code. It’ll look similar to this “abcdef-20”. The letters would be replaced with an auto-generated abbreviation of your website name.

There are different Amazons all around the world and they operate somewhat separately. I believe this is due to tax laws being different in each country. (USA) is the largest and busiest of them all. This is where the bulk of the trade is going on. 

If you are located in the USA, be aware that some states do not allow association with Amazon at all due to tax laws and politics, see the letter excerpt below.

Amazon Refusal Letter

Check if your state is one of them. If it’s not, you’re good to go! If it is, there’s not much else you can do but seek out other affiliate programs. There are many other affiliate programs around to join.

Often times you will find affiliate programs that pay more than Amazon. So don’t be disheartened if you are excluded from Amazon, there are many very successful affiliates that don’t use Amazon at all. 


You’ll earn commission on Amazon sales that go through your specially coded links. They have an increasing commission structure that is related to how many sales you generate in a given month.

The income that will grow from your persistent promotional effort will be slow to start due to various factors. The biggest hurdle is that they have a 24 cookie. Yes…24 hours. 

They count your sales per calendar month, it resets to zero sales at every month-end.

The rate starts at 4% and increases slowly to 8.5% depending on several factors including how many products you sell during that single month.

The Commission Breakdown

1-6 items 4%
7-30 items 6%
31-110 items 6.5%
111-320 items 7%
321-630 items 7.5%
631-1570 items 8%
1571-3130 items 8.25%
3131+ 8.5%

It’s simple, the more you sell the higher the percentage rate. This is very common in the commission structure of compensation and it can add up fast. 

This is the basic fee structure guideline, however there are a few exceptions and slight rate changes with certain products. See within Amazon Associates for details on that but it’s not much considering how many products they have.

Understanding the Dashboard

Amazon Site Stripe

Once you have been approved to be an associate then you gain access and may begin familiarizing yourself with your dashboard. It’s very user friendly and fairly quick to learn. The site stripe is where you are going to find your most used tools and functions within Amazon.

You will also have several choices as to how you use the links they provide for you. Each link is related specifically to a certain product and is encoded to include your affiliate code.

Applying these links and images in specific ways to your website will over time create traffic and sales.

Different Types of Links

It’s really up to you when it comes to putting these links on your site. There are many choices. Choose the one(s) that fit well with your theme and message.

Adding affiliate links to your site in any fashion (in this context) is called “Monetizing”, or to alter it so that it becomes money ready. Basically it means to change your non-money making website into one that makes money!Monetizing with Amazon Associates

You can choose to use an “Amazon astore” which is provided by Amazon but loaded with the products of your choice.

Astores function just fine but one major drawback to the astore is that it doesn’t gain any SEO power and therefore does not help your site to rank.

There are “Banner” links and “Text” links that you would use to advertise products of your choice in the widgets, sidebars and footers of your website.

You select the products you would like to have in your widget and it will be created for you by the system.

Not Too Many Banners

You will be provided an HTML code that you may use on your site. Be very conservative with banner ads and links, most people have “Banner Blindness” and you won’t get a lot of reader interaction with loud or flashing banners.

There are a wide selection of Amazon specific widgets that all have different features such as rotators, slide shows, product clouds and carousels. They each will have product links embedded in them to ensure you receive the commission from your efforts.

The most effective way that I’ve found to promote Amazon products (so far) is to create mini product reviews and apply them to your site in individual posts.

The product review posts will become numerous, so file them into categories so your readers can find them easily. You will eventually end up with a high ranking Amazon store that is completely unique to everyone else’s.

This screenshot is a great example of a website built completely around Amazon products.

Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Gift Idea for Gardeners

Does it Work?

I can tell you that selling Amazon products does work, without a doubt!
You can make money with Amazon, it just takes work and persistence.

Amazon provides the tools and the products. You and the best training available are all that’s missing.

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Do you already sell products for Amazon? Do you like it? Have you found a faster way to make money online? 

 Share your experiences below.

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