Amazon OneLink is very, very easy to install. Once you’ve applied your settings and linked your accounts, the next step is to obtain your code snippet. They call this your “OneTag”.

This tag is found by clicking Step 2 from your “Get Started” screen. A code that looks like this will appear with your Amazon affiliate codes already embedded in it. Select and copy this code to your clipboard.

OneLink Code

Amazon recommends that you put this piece of script at the end of body tag of your site template. This is buried deep in the “editor” section of your site’s code. If you are good with digging into the inner workings of your website then go ahead, find this spot, add it in and save.

The place to put this code can be hard to find on some themes. If you’re not good with code or you can’t easily find the spot then I don’t recommend dabbling in the back of your website too far.

Incorrect placement of this code can completely crash your website. Even altering one bit of existing code on your site can crash it. So only do this if you feel confident.

What’s the Solution?


Widgets! Those amazing little things do so much. All you need to do is use a Text widget.

Go to your widgets and open a Text widget
Then switch it from “Visual” to “Text”
Then paste your Amazon OneLink code right there
Click Save
Place this widget in your footer

That’s it!

If by some chance your theme doesn’t have a footer section, then you can just as easily put that text widget at the very bottom of your sidebar, below everything else.

Text Widget

This widget will not show up on your website and it will not be visible to your visitors. It is, however visible to the OneLink system. Once it detects Amazon links then it will activate and connect your traffic from all three regions.

Let me know if you need more help applying the Amazon OneLink. 

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