Niches are everywhere really, but for some reason choosing a niche is a huge stumbling block for many people new to online marketing and those building websites. 

It really doesn’t have to be that hard to figure out. Don’t over think it. Just think about what you like you like to do. Current hobbies and interests are a good place to start. This is because your are interested in it and as such means it will be easier to write about the subject.  

Go with Your Interests

It’s a natural tendency for most people to start out trying to think of the most profitable niche or one with high priced items with the assumption that this will equal faster income. This is not a guarantee at all. Struggling to find the perfect, best or most profitable niche is unnecessary.

As you will quickly learn, there are many, many people interested in literally EVERY subject or product you can think of. There is a market for everything and hungry buyers everywhere.

Put what they are already looking for right in front of them in the form of top notch information and relevant products. You’ll naturally make sales to these willing buyers without any hard selling to anyone.

Choosing A Niche

Choose something you like. Think about all the subjects or activities you already do or are interested in.Identify a Niche

This can be anything, nothing is too weird or obscure to not consider (almost).

If it’s a really specialized subject within another subject we simply call that a “micro-niche”. These can be very popular and profitable too.

I don’t recommend making a website based on any illegal subjects or activities. Do this at your own risk.

There are thousands of great niches and no shortage of people interested in them. Subjects like these:

  • Woodworking
  • Sewing/Sewing Machines
  • Gardening and Plants/Speciality Gardening
  • Computers
  • Fishing
  • Any Baby Related Product or Subject
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Technology/Accessories for Technology
  • Clothes/Shoes
  • Crafts/Decorating
  • Reading
  • Food/Cooking
  • Animals/Any Animal Product or Service
  • Children/Parenting
  • Solar Energy and Technology
  • The list can go on and on…

Just about anything you can possibly think of has the potential of becoming a profitable niche with a good website. The best thing to do first is make a list and narrow it down to 10 different topics or activities that you are interested in.


Even if there seems to already be a lot of competition from other websites online for a subject you may be interested in, don’t let that dishearten you. The website you build will have all the elements necessary for ranking highly among them and attracting substantial amounts of traffic. 

It IS possible to outrank very well known and powerful sites with the right strategies. These are white-hat only strategies, I might add.

When you learn the little known (but not secret) techniques of achieving high rank then you can easily move past most others and take your place on page 1.

Internet Marketing is…

Internet marketing refers to everything that encompasses online sales and promotion. It’s comprised of several elements that need to be intertwined together to form an effective marketing platform. In the image below you will see some of the different elements:

Social Media – This is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and so many others. People are your key to making money online. Make your mission to help the people first and you will make money. Helping others is at the core of building wealth.

Blogs – Get your message out no matter what it is, blogs are a great way to do that. A blog is really just a simple website. 

Viral – Hitting the bulls eye with Viral is a little like winning the lottery. If you happen to have THE thing (subject, product, service, song etc) people are looking for at the exact right time, you can strike it rich with a properly monetized helpful website. It’s rare but it does happen. 

Networking – This naturally happens when you choose your favorite social media elements such as Facebook or Twitter (or any of the others) and actively use them in regard to promoting your website. You’ll gain traffic by simply improving the amount of exposure your site gets by using the comment sections on other sites and interacting with other webmasters.

Marketing – This would be more aggressive forms of marketing such as PPC ads or Facebook advertising or organic SEO methods.

Website – A website is the foundation of all promotional efforts. Without a website then you won’t have a “business” for your customer to interact with. Build a great website filled with great information and products and the rest will handle itself to a large degree.

Elements of Online Marketing

Do you have a niche selected or do you still need help? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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