Now that you have the subject chosen and the framework of your website together, it’s time to start writing the content. The term “Content” refers to all the posts, pages, images and information that you publish on your site. It’s the ‘meat’ or all the ‘stuff” of your website.

Still selecting a niche? Figuring out what to write about can be a massive challenge all by itself. If you still need to choose a niche, read more about how to find a niche here.

Now it’s time to start writing about your chosen subject. Not to worry, it isn’t as scary as it first seems.

Content is KingHappy Writing Guy

It’s important to learn how to write easily because it’s the content that will get your site ranked by Google under many different keywords.

By having consistently high rankings (in the top 5 is best and definitely not outside the top 10 results) is what will attract many people interested in that niche subject to your website.


Don’t freak out now, it’s not like the writing we had to do in high school. 

Many people, myself included, struggled with writing in school. I didn’t enjoy it and my marks reflected that.

The thought of having to do it again now was a bit daunting and uninviting, but it can be done a lot easier than you think.

Approach it differently than in high school.

This writing is totally different because chances are pretty good that you actually want to do this writing (that is, write content for your own website) much more than you wanted to do the dusty, boring assignments in high school.

The personal motivation is much greater now. Try not to bring a bummer attitude to the task of writing, it might be easy if writing holds negative memories for you.

Think of it like this: every word you write (and then publish on your website) brings you closer to your long term goals. It brings you closer to a successful website and many potential income streams.

Language Barrier

If you’re building a website in English and it’s not your first language, then it can be an even more daunting task. 

However, with determination, personal help, spell checker tools and the numerous other grammar tools available to you online you will be able to create a detailed, high quality website that many other people will enjoy and identify with.

In some cases building a website in another language altogether is a good idea depending on who your intended market is and where your readers are coming from.

Your Interests

Writing can sometimes be a hard thing to do especially if the subject (niche) is something unfamiliar to you. This is why I always recommend choosing a subject that you already know a little something about. It’s easier to get started that way.

It’s even better if you like and are interested in the niche (subject), this makes it much, much easier and faster to write articles about it.

The biggest “secret” I have to writing articles quickly is to use a template. I definitely recommend using a template when setting up your articles. It really makes it much easier when you have an end goal in mind and path laid out before you start.

It doesn’t have to be complex. All it needs to be is just enough to visually set out a plan of what you’re going to write about.

You can make it yourself or you can use the one I suggest below. Either way is suitable. This is the template I use:

The IMB Article Template

Think of a detailed but catchy title

Introduction paragraph: What is the article about?

Paragraph – Idea or question 1 
Paragraph – Idea or question 2
Paragraph – Idea or question 3

Remember to answer the questions that you pose in your articles.

Summary – What did you just talk about?  

Conclusion – wrap up all your thoughts here.

Ask for feedback and interaction from your readers

That’s the basic article writing template that I created to assist me with my own writing.

When you get comfortable and into the groove of writing, using a template such as this one will really help you keep focused and on the right track of constructing a complete article.

It becomes much faster when you use these main steps over and over again when piecing together a new article or post for your website. You’ll amaze yourself.

I recommend that you follow a basic structure like this to construct the post, it’s far more efficient than if a person just starts writing without a plan.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you need help getting started with writing your own posts.

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