One of the first steps to building your online business is securing a domain name on which to build your website.

This is the foundation of your business and will ultimately become your brand name. You’ll want to pick a good one that’s appropriate for your intentions but at the same time don’t spend hours on it.

Whatever name you choose will grow on you and will likely be just fine in the long run. Just follow a few guidelines below and you’ll have no problems.

You’re high quality website will rank regardless of what it’s exactly called, it will rank based on content. The domain name is less relevant than it used to be as far as assisting in achieving rank. These are called “Exact Match Domain” names or EMD’s.

 Website vs. Domain Name

What am I buying, a website or a domain name?

Here is a good way to understand the difference between a domain name and a website:

Domain name is equivalent to the street address or numbers on a house
Website is equivalent to the house and everything in it

You buy a domain name (like a plot of land) and then you build a website (your home) on that domain name.

Choosing a Domain Name

Some will say that a keyword rich domain name is important and others will tell you it doesn’t matter. Some will say that the internet is saturated and all the good domain names are taken.

This is not true, the internet is a living creature and continuously evolving and changing. There are still plenty of great names available and you can find a perfect one for yourself with just a little bit of effort.

The high quality content on your site matters more and will have much more influence on your rank than the URL of it will.

For example your domain name could be and your website could be about “How to Help Orphaned Woodland Bunnies”.

If your website is in-depth and filled with good information, then your “xyz” website will rank for bunnies and all the related subjects anyway.

Domain Purchase Guidelines

Follow these few recommendations when buying your domain name, so that you’ll get one that makes you happy and suits your business ideas.

Choose .com, .net, .org in that order – with .com by far being the best choice. 

  • No dashes
  • No .info
  • Don’t include the word Amazon or any variation of it ( will shut you down)
  • No copyrighted or trademarked names
  • Not too long (no more than 5 words)

Country Specific

Only buy country specific extensions such as .uk or .it etc if your business is going to be completely local to that country. Otherwise it’s best to stick with .com, .net or .org – in that order.

Godaddy Search Page

Buying a Domain Name

First thing to do is choose which registrar you would like to buy your domain name from. The price for one year of owning a domain name should cost around $10 per year, not much more than that.

Do a Google search for “Godaddy promo codes” or your chosen registrar with the words “promo code” after it and there should be several results. There are many options for this, here is a short list of a few popular registrars:

1 & 1

Don’t pay for any domains that cost more than $15 for the year. Sometimes you’ll find them up for “Auction” or “Back Ordered” but those ones are usually not worth the extra cost.

A beginner doesn’t need to get involved with competing for domain names. Keep looking until you find one you like and that costs $15 or less.

Remember to look for promo codes. Do this by Google searching: “the registrar company + promo codes”.

Always Add “Privacy”

No matter where you purchase your domain, I always recommend adding “Privacy Protection” to your domain purchase right from the beginning is very important.

Choosing “Privacy” will hide your personal details and address from the general internet. It doesn’t take very long to find someones personal information if you know how to do it.

The owner of the site will then be listed as the registrar you bought it from, not your name and home address. You can see in the image below that privacy has been included on all of the domains in order to shield personal information.

Godaddy Domain Privacy

This will protect you from hundreds of sales calls, automated computer calling systems and pushy telemarketers.

You will find promo codes for privacy protection, which gives a discount on the cost of privacy protection.

Privacy will add $4-$10 to the price of your one year domain depending on where you buy it. Even if you can’t find a coupon code, it’s still well worth it. Consider it a $10 insurance policy to protect and shield your name and information from fraudsters and scam artists easily.

That’s .027 cents per day to keep your personal details safe. It’s worth it.

Once you have purchased your domain name then you are ready for the next lesson: How to Build a Website.

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