Once you have a niche selected and a domain name purchased it’s time to begin building your website. That website will be your little piece of internet real estate and the domain name is the address of your real estate.


Once the DNS has successfully “propagated” then your domain name will be prepared and available for you to start building on it.

If you haven’t selected and purchased a domain name yet, then go back to How to Choose a Domain Name and pick one that you like.

After this and the DNS is done then we can begin laying the initial foundation blocks of your new website.

The Work is Never Done

It’s very important to note that a content focused website is never really “done”. It will be continuously built upon over time.

It will eventually become very comprehensive and detailed with hundreds of pages of useful information.

It’s from all of these pages of information that your site will target many different keywords and then obtain many different rank positions and significant traffic from them.

The search engines will pick up your information – also known as your content and determine what the subject matter of each of the pages are.

The search engine(s) will rank your individual web pages based on that predetermined information.

Untargeted Keywords – Bonus

The search engines will identify other keywords from your pages and content on their own. They do this independently of your efforts and your site pages will begin to rank for phrases you never intended.

This happens on top of the keywords you are intentionally targeting and can add up to hundreds of additional keywords and ranking from them too.

This is an excellent by product of natural SEO because your website will rank for keywords that you never intended and certainly never would have thought of on your own.

You can find out what these unintentional keywords are by looking into your Google Analytics account.

As a review, these are the basic steps to getting your new website launched: 

  1. Think about your interests
  2. Select a subject or topic
  3. Make a list of possible domain names
  4. Visit a registrar and search to see which ones are available
  5. Purchase the one most suitable to your desired subject 
  6. I recommend buying the “Privacy” protection option as well, it protects your personal information from being available to everyone online.
  7. Set the DNS at purchase time or right after that (this can take up to 48 hours to complete)

Once your DNS is complete then you can get into choosing a theme. A theme is the template or the layout that you’ll use to build the look of your website. 

In other words the theme is the covering that makes your site look visually appealing, sort of like clothing.

This is the quickest and easiest way to start your own website. Watch the video below:

Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

What did you think of that? I bet you had no idea it was that easy?!

The massive technical knowledge that was once needed to build and run a website in years gone by has been eliminated with this system.  Wealthy Affiliate has simplified the process and made it easy for anyone to get a website started.

There is no need to know great amounts of HTML or other code before you start. As you build your website you’ll pick up and learn a little basic coding and it will become easier than you ever thought.

Are you ready? Get started now.

The next step is How to Find Images

Images are a very important part of a successful website and they must be included and used in a big way. We are visual creatures, most people are very visually responsive.

When one is visually responsive it just means that we respond to visual interest and stimuli rather than long banks of text with no images. 

There are several places to obtain images but the websites that provide those images are not all created equally.

Online image usage can be hazardous waters and has many rules. If you don’t know how to attribute them properly to the original creator then you may very well run into trouble. Read this post about images.

Please leave a comment below and tell me your favourite places to find good images.

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