Price Points:Home Job Group
$14.95 per month for basic service
$49.95 One-time Payment for lifetime access to the job listings
$99.00 One-time Payment for lifetime access to job listings as well as job placement service

Creator: Ann Wilson
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100
Verdict: Excellent Service

Update: I had originally rated this as an excellent service but I was wrong.

At the time of this writing, I’ve been a member of their “Ultimate Placement Membership” for two weeks. 

This is membership level they say is the best because you get personalized service and have HJG staff that do the job placement and footwork for you.

This is the actual description from the membership options and their details page:

Premium Home Job Group Membership Description

This is a very convincing paragraph, isn’t it? It seemed like a good thing to test out. This is my exact experience with the Ultimate Placement Service Membership:

At this time, I’ve been a member for about 2 weeks (a solid 10 business days) now. Before contacting them, I waited the requested 2-3 business day reply time. I sent a message asking for first contact as I was a new member. I waited.

I sent another message a few days later asking for assistance and stating that I had bought the “Ultimate Placement” membership. I waited.

I still have received no reply to my two messages, nor have I received any communication from Home Job Group (other than New Job posting notifications).

They’ve sent me 7 new job postings in that two weeks, see below.

I’ll send another request for customer service and will wait to see what happens, however I’m getting very close to taking that “No Questions Asked” full refund.

I must apologize, this “opportunity” is far from what is says it is on the surface. I definitely don’t recommend it anymore.

I have since requested and received a full refund with no questions asked. This product is listed within Clickbank so the refund procedure is easy to do.

Home Job Group Promise

This is the review I wrote before actually purchasing the service:

Home Job Group Background

Home Job Group is a membership site that lists real world companies looking for real hard working people to do online based work for them. 

HJG was created by Ann Wilson while in desperate times three years ago. She created this to be a legitimate listing service for real companies hiring people for telecommuting jobs.

It is unlike most job database services that endlessly accept applicants, HJG has a very limited number of spots available at any given time, quite often you’ll even find them not accepting new people at all. 

This is a huge credibility indicator for me. It means that the service ensures that each person who applies has a spot. HJG is not just an endless vacuum taking $50 payments from people to fatten its’ own wallet.

The Pros & Cons

Pro #1 – It’s been around for three years, long lasting online service 
Pro #2 – Several other “Work at Home” review sites rate it #1 in quality
Pro #3 – There is a no questions asked 8 week money back guarantee from Clickbank
Pro #4 – Hours of your time saved by having all the jobs listed in one place
Pro #5 – There are indeed hundreds of job listings in all different fields of work
Pro #6 – There are many high quality jobs listed that suit college/university trained applicants only
Pro #7 – Some of the jobs are very basic and can be done by anyone without specific skills
Pro #8 – Applicants must speak English as a first language and are for those from English speaking countries

Con #1 – I found many of the job listing links went to expired domain names
Con #2 – Many of the jobs require a lot of previous academic writing skill
Con #3 – There are many jobs listed that suit college/university trained applicants only
Con #4 – Applicants must speak English as a first language and are for those from English speaking countries
Con #5 – They won’t take responsibility for expired or dead links in the job postings
Con #6 – The site looks a bit dated
Con #7 – Sometimes all the membership spots are full
Con #8 – Some people have reported no being able to find a job
Con #9 – Same jobs can be found online for free

HJG is for everyone who needs a real job at home. Applicants should have some level of skill for the related job they are applying for. This is not a business opportunity or a make money at home product. 

This is a perfect avenue for those with mobility issues or physical restrictions that prevent them from obtaining “traditional” employment.

If you visit the site and it says it’s closed because all of the positions are full, then please return after a few days. This changes often and new positions will come open frequently.

This is one of the few occurrences that “Closed” really means closed and it’s not just a ploy to get you to sign up to something right away.

Home Job Group Positions

Home Job Group Support

The owner (Ann Wilson) is very involved with the company and helps to ensure each member finds what they are seeking. The money back guarantee through Clickbank is given with no questions asked.

Home Job Group Helps People

My Opinion of HJG

I decided that it would be a fairly safe risk to join this website and gain access to the job database. I felt safe with the assurance of the 8 week money back guarantee.

The research had concluded that many people happy with the service and are actively working at home for good money. 

I paid for the $99.99 Ultimate Placement Service Membership in order to really analyze what the “ultimate” membership provides for the said membership fee.

I’ve only just paid for the membership today (Sunday) so I’m hoping to have some correspondence with them next week. I’ll post up dates as they happen.

If I land a good job and start making money at home using the Home Job Group database then you’ll be among the first to know! Guaranteed. (Please see update above)

HJG Listing Links

This is a screenshot of the menu of links to the categories of job listings contained within the HJG database. There are dozens if not hundreds of potential jobs in each one. 

Home Job Group Listing Links

Home Job Group Oddities

I joined the Ultimate Job Placement Service. This screenshot below was among the very first messages back to me. Please note where is says “Good luck in your search”.

It’s definitely proactive to do your own job searching simultaneously as the staff works on your behalf but I was just a little surprised to have that as one of my first communications from them while a member of the Placement Service where they clearly state the work is done for you.

Home Job Group Oddities

What Did They Send Me?

These are the first 7 job postings sent to me in the last few weeks since joining:

Please remember that I signed up for the “Ultimate Placement Membership” where I was to get personalized service and a large helping hand in finding an online job. I still have received no personal communication from the company at all.

Note: I have paraphrased parts of the postings below as some of the information was not necessary to the point I’m making here.

Posting #1

Looking for motivated Sales Representatives to sell decorated apparel.
This opportunity provides generous commissions, training, and sales support
No experience necessary, they will train
Visit site for more information

The link provided went to a redirect with incorrect Whois settings

Posting #2

Expert Authors
Make money writing about the topics you love.
Seeking authoritative topical experts for several open business blog
Please review complete details at…

The link provided went to a redirect with incorrect Whois settings

Posting #3

Small business Advisor
Get paid for your knowledge/expertise by answering business related questions in your spare time.

You need to be an expert at something and be able to speak English well and answer user submitted questions promptly and in detail.

Posting #4

How to make money on Twitter by using certain techniques contained in a separately purchased $100 product.

I thought this was employment listings. Enough said I think.

Posting #5


Contracted work, fast paces 70 wpm minimum is required.
This posting is great if you can type really fast and accurately (which I and many others cannot do).

Posting – #6

Similar posting to the one above (#5) but for a different type of transcriptionist.
It’s good if you are a very proficient typist (which I and many others are not).

Posting – #7

This one is my personal favorite and I saved it for last. I received it just today.

I’ll point out the two dates in the screenshot below:

Home Job Group Posting with Interesting Dates

They continue to send me job postings every few days even though I’ve cancelled my membership. The postings now seem to be featuring a lot of scam products and not very many legitimate online employment opportunities.


It wasn’t until more than a week after I requested and received my refund that I finally got contacted through email from the HJG support team. 

Also note, that this was a fresh message and not a reply to any of my previous messages requesting help. 

Home Job Group Recap

Price Points:Home Job Group
$14.95 per month for basic service
$49.95 One-time Payment for lifetime access to the job listings
$99.00 One-time Payment for lifetime access to job listings as well as job placement service

Creator: Ann Wilson
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100
Verdict: Excellent Service

At this point, I’m sure you have enough information to decide if you’d like to join Home Job group or not. 

Please leave a comment below if you’ve had experience with HJG.

Are a happy member of Home Job Group?…if so, please tell the story and correct me if I’m wrong.

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