Do you want to make money online? Have you bought at least one so called money making product or opportunity in the past that didn’t deliver what it promised?

If you said yes to either of these questions, then stick with me! 

It’s pretty simple really. If you want to make money online, you need training and education, not another product that says it will “make you money”.

          Welcome to
Internet Marketing for Beginners
Making Money Online and Affiliate Marketing Training

I’m here to show you how money is actually made online and how you can do it too. You’ll quickly see why you don’t need to buy another biz-op product or secret money making system. 


Internet Marketing for Beginners will help you identify and avoid the shady biz-op products that are Caution When Choosing a Nicheeverywhere online. 

They become pretty easy to spot once you know what to look for, most of these pushy products and opportunities are decorated with flashy pictures, unfamiliar internet language and emotional manipulation.

These products are often just collections of outdated bits and pieces of information that don’t add up to anything you can really use.

These type of product pitches are filled with “shiny things” to distract you from the fact that they aren’t really saying anything.

Someone new to online marketing would feel like it’s an impressive product with good information that will lead them to making money online, but it’s not.

The main message over and over again on these sales pages is how rich you will be if you just buy the product or opportunity right now and there’s not a lot about what you have to do in order to make this money they’re promising.

It’s only after you’ve bought the product – and lost your money – that you find out it’s garbage and full of fluff information that is completely useless.

Been scammed again?

One Step to Avoiding Scams

Step 1: If it says anything about quick, easy riches, avoid it.
Internet marketing is an incredibly profitable business,
but you have to learn to do it right and that takes a little time!

It’s a very attainable goal to be able to earn decent money online. But it needs consistent effort and it doesn’t happen overnight. It definitely doesn’t happen within a few clicks like these flashy products claim it does.

Internet Marketing for Beginners will give you the basic skills needed to begin website building and affiliate marketing in a safe, scam free place.

Don’t Fall for Short Cuts

It’s natural for us to want to find the shortest, easiest way to making money online but it’s exactly that, which keeps the makers of the thousands of shady biz-op products in business.

Dollar-signThese flashy products that promise the moon and millions of dollars just fill the internet with piles of confusing garbage. Steer clear of them.

Here’s the Secret:

Ready? The secret to making money online is…..there is no secret! 

Stop looking for a secret. The answer to making money online is not magical and contains no mysterious or secret methods. 

What you need to do is get excellent training from experienced people who are already in the field and work hard.

Affiliate marketing is an open opportunity for everyone. It’s waiting here for any and all determined people to pick it up and run with it. 

Learn to build your own website for just pennies a day
Check out the top rated training community.

Internet Marketing for Beginners is your safe place to learn the basics of online marketing without being barraged by those garbage products and misleading claims.

Stick with me and you’ll soon be on your way to being a confident website builder and affiliate marketer who is actually earning real money on the internet.

How to Build a Successful Online Business

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  1. This article is going to be very helpful to those struggling online. I know I also got scammed while trying to figure it out. I’m with Wealthy Affiliate as well and I learned the skills I needed to make money online. Thanks for this valuable information.

    1. I’m happy found WA as well. I really hope that the info here helps people understand that the money available to be made online is abundant and there for anyone to earn, but it won’t come to you easily. You gotta work for it, but it’s there! WA is a gem and a safe little haven online where you can learn the actual skills needed to create an online business without being bombarded with the piles of garbage and misleading products that are out there. Thanks!

  2. I think to a certain degree, everyone has been ripped off at some point in their journey to success. Unfortunately, people fall into the “shiny” object cycle, looking for their next “quick hit” of the idea of instant success. The reality of it is that there is no such thing as “instant” success…it takes work.

    BUT, it takes no more work than you are already doing at your day job or in your daily job. If you applied this ethic to your own personal online business, you would see success.

    This is an excellent post and I think it will point any entrepreneur (aspiring or already successful) in the right direction if they are looking to create or expand upon their success.

    1. Thank you Kyle! I appreciate the comment. I think it’s natural human nature to want to choose the quickest and easiest road to the goal (whatever the goal might be). I think that’s why the scam products and the people behind them succeed in getting so many sales continuously. They play you so deeply on an emotional level that you don’t even know you’ve been played until you’ve bought the product offered.

      I agree, all it takes to succeed is a dedicated redirection of energy that we are already using on other things-even just an hour a day will eventually show results. Use all the time you can spare toward building your own online business and you’d amaze yourself with what you can do in less time than it would take to retrain for any new career at a college or university.

      Everyone who is seriously ready to put in the effort and actually build an online business needs to learn from WA and its’ community.

      I want to help as many people as I can find their way out of the soup of online scams and “shiny” object products out there that amount to nothing and into the actual real-world training that WA offers.

    1. Thank you, I think they play so heavily on peoples emotions that they keep on making money hand over fist from people in tough financial/emotional situations. I think that’s pretty low class to use people like that. It’s easier for them to make you think it’s easy until you pull out your credit card than it is to offer real substance and a quality product over long term. There’s no incentive for them to change anything.

      This is where Kyle and Carson stand head and shoulders above the rest. They tirelessly offer real current quality information about anything and everything to do with online marketing and learning how to do it right so you actually make money.

  3. Stacy, it is great that at WA there is the opportunity to learn from the experts and interact with founders Kyle and Carson. Is there a chance that one can try the program for free? This will increase greatly my trust on what you are offering, Specially after seeing all the scams running rampant online.

    1. Hi, thank you for commenting. Until you pointed it out I didn’t even realize that I completely didn’t mention the free membership there at all! I’ll revise it asap.

      At WA, there is definitely a starter membership level for $0 where you can come in and see a lot of what is offered before you decide if you want join with the paid membership. There is no time limit on the free option and no hidden costs. You’ll have all the time you need to compare the cost of the premium membership to the value and service provided.

      If you click the link provided it’ll go to the page that offers both the starter $0 membership option and paid option. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

    1. Thank you! I hope so too. I’d like to show many, many other people how comprehensive and effective WA is and how much of a bargain it is compared to retraining for another career at any other online or offline training facility.

    1. Yes it is for sure. It’s a really good thing to be able to check a product or service out well before you buy. Then you have what you need to make a smarter decision for yourself.

  4. Hi Stacy,

    I liked your post. Another thing I don’t like about a lot of those products out there is that they say you only have to invest $97, but once you invest purchase the product for $97 they hit you with another “must have” offer for $297 or something like that. What might have started out as $97 winds up being over $500.


    1. Very good point! The first price they tell you is just the bait into more and more costs that they make you think you have to spend to get that super secret information for wealth online.

      My personal favorites are those sites that state a price when you get there, but if you click off and try to close it then you get a screen telling you it’s $10 less, click off again and it’s $10 less again. I resent those sites the most with that type of popup screen because they’re a higher level of emotional coercion, by teasing you with lower and lower “exclusive” prices and threatening to take it away if you don’t buy now. If they won’t give you time to make a smart unpressured decision then I would stay well away.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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