We all need a little help sometime when it comes to understanding how our own mind can work against us. This happens so subconsciously that we often don’t even know it’s happening. 

Get Out of Your Own Way - Guide to Overcoming Self Defeating Behaviour

We all have issues and events that hurt us in the past and as children. For example if you are always told that “with your skills, you’ll only ever be a ____.

  • A message like this to a person will set them up to not strive for more in life because they think they don’t deserve more.
  • If it’s subconscious enough then the person will begin to make limiting choices which hold them in the spot that they are.

It’s very difficult to see if this is happening especially when you’re the person it’s happening to. 

Find out 40 of the most hurtful behaviours in this book, including self pity, jealousy and anger.

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