Name: Easy DownlinesEasy Downlines Logo
Price: The first entry point is free, Pro Plan $197
Owners: John Merrick, Soren Jordansen, Cindy Battye (Carol Foster?)
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100
Verdict: Not Recommended, Too Misleading

Product Overview

The sales page offers very little information or clue as to what the business opportunity is. It has the first negative tell tale sign of something shady with the images of money, wealth, beaches and very happy people being the first things you see.

In the background, just for good measure they put an image of beautiful palm trees during a gorgeous sunset. Who wouldn’t want that?

It says you don’t have to do anything at all and it’s FREE! They say this is a complete auto-pilot system that builds multiple downlines for you which translates into multiple income streams all done with a free website that’s also provided for you. That feels like it’s too good to be true.

The Pros & Cons

Pro #1 – Includes 25 Private Label Rights products for you to keep or sell 
Pro #2 – It’s quickly evident as a misleading system, this is good.
Pro #3 – Easily identifiable as “old”, the sales page is marked 2011

Con #1 – Has flashy images of money, wealth and happy people (emotionally manipulative)
Con #2 – The second page after you “join for free” is also emotionally manipulative
Con #3 – More cookie cutter websites
Con #4 – Free membership is limited, if you want to build income you must upgrade
Con #5 – The other reviews I found to be very insistent about how much money was being made
Con #6 – Sales page claims that money can be made for free

Who is Easy Downlines For?

It seems  like this business “opportunity” product, like so many others is aimed at the millions of people who are eagerly searching online for a way to make money from home using the internet. It’s also aimed at the many people who don’t yet know what it really takes to make real money online with legitimate internet marketing practices.

Tools & Training in the Pro Plan

Easy Downlines Recommends Copy and Paste

  • 180 pre-written messages geared for Clickbank affiliates (duplicate content issues arise here)
  • 12 part video series about email marketing
  • Includes VIP access to Traffic Generation 101
  • 30 videos about exploding your traffic stats

PLR Rights to these items and several more:

  • How to Become an Affiliate Marketing Master
  • Email Marketing Riches
  • Build me a 50,000 List
  • Newbies Guide to PLR
  • Blogging for Cash
  • Secrets of High Profit Websites

Easy Downlines Oddities

Much of the other information that I could find on this business opportunity was written with poor grammar, possibly like they were “spun” from an article spinning program.

The other “reviews” I found were just really thin covers for the affiliates to rave about the system and guide you to their company cookie cutter sales page with their Clickbank affiliate code in it.

I found this statement about Easy Downlines in my research “it is a touch expensive but we can provide a 40% discount”
Wait. I thought it was free with no catches and no upsells?? Something more costly is hidden a little deeper.

Remember what I said about taking time to sleep on any decision around a business opportunity? This is what the very next page says after I join for free:Easy Downlines High Pressure Offer

You Must Act Now – before it’s too LATE! If you leave this page and attempt to come back, the $197 One-Time-Offer will be gone forever!”

Awwww, isn’t that sweet?? That offer is just for ME! It says so at the top: “For Stacy’s eyes only”

Then it says “Would you like an unfair advantage over everyone else?” Isn’t this the same as playing dirty tricks on your own people right within the membership? I think so.

Also, this means that they are sending the exact same email (change the name at the top) to everyone who joins. 

They’re encouraging an environment where the members try to rob from each other using dirty tricks. This isn’t good business practice and fosters a negative environment. 

The latest price I’ve found is now only $1 for the first week and then $19.97 per month after that. Each of the last three pages were very similar with high pressure language, the only difference is that it is offered for a lower price yet again.

What did I find inside?Easy Downlines Logo

I’ve looked at the elements within the back office of Easy Downlines.

On the surface, to the untrained eye the assortment of tools looks impressive and numerous, but with closer inspection using a critical eye that isn’t the case.

I’m guessing all the actual good stuff is in the pro plan.

Using the free website builder was literally only 3 clicks up until the hosting was required.

At this time I do not want to purchase the required hosting just to see the website I’ve built. The system allowed me to choose the header and what rotators I wanted.


The first email I receive from Easy Downlines is a recommendation to buy a plugin that will help make my Pinterest marketing activities automated. It’s called the “Pinpressr” plug in.  It automates the pinning of images which you can attach your affiliate links to. This plugin is new but is getting good reviews from those using it. It’s priced at $27. 

EDL Training

The training was purported as being fresh and using effective methods, but what I found was not that at all.

They refer to email marketing with copy and pasted messages, safelists, ad exchanges, banner ads and doing whatever it takes to place ads everywhere you can with the hope of getting people to this one squeeze page.Easy Downlines Recommends Copy and Paste

That’s tough way to get your message seen…and an even harder way to get it clicked on. Most of these methods are outdated and ineffective. You can waste a lot time posting ads and never getting a single click.

Someone who is new to internet marketing and seeking an opportunity will not know that and buy this thinking it’s good useful information.

Google’s Rules

Google’s rules change by the minute almost, you have to be hooked up to a solid pipeline of current information in order to stay ahead of the changes and updates. Do you recall the Panda and Penguin updates?

The changes they implemented were brought about to clean up the internet from crappy sites and products. This includes duplicate content sites, which is what you are given at the free level of EDL.Easy Downlines with No Effort

This means your site won’t rank well on its own, so you are going to have to do continuous ad posting and manual promotion of to get any interest in it. All automated tools are not recommended.

What’s a Rotator? 

I clicked my link and it’s a very short video sales pitch that really says nothing. It’s got dramatic “Star Wars” type music, big bold letters flying that tell me what I’ll get for signing up. If I understand correctly, the rotator is just the video that plays on the sales page.

All the banners they provide look like every other “biz-op” banner out there. They look flashy, spammy and down right annoying.

All of my sales pages were already set with a video presentation that automatically started playing. I personally find that really annoying.

Upgrade to Pro

So I had to check, what little tidbit is hidden under the ” Upgrade to Pro” button? This time it’s $29.97 per month, but never again am I going to see that offer! I had to take it now. The upgrades were always attached to a message that said the deal would never be available again.

More EDL Oddities

“Flood your sites with instant traffic and be earning commissions within minutes”. Instant traffic? This doesn’t happen.

“Commissions within minutes” – literally in English, this is a true statement. What they don’t say is HOW MANY minutes. It could be thousands or millions, who knows.

When I got into another one of the “special-just for you” deals they kept piling on I noticed something amusing. At top where all the others had said “For Stacy’s eyes ONLY”, this ones said “For Stacy’s eyes ONLINE”.

What a careless slip! 

I think this was a mind working quicker than the fingers could type and the half baked product page was filled in with a misplaced word.

Only/Online = the letters are similar and near each other on the keyboard.

Easy Downlines Unfair Offer
Easy Dowlines Typo


I was curious to know what kind of support I got with this. I clicked the “support” button and was astonished. I found just 2 help articles, 2 FAQ’s and there was no forum under the forum button. Hmm.

That doesn’t strike me as a well supported product or company that’s committed to backing it’s offer, even at the free level. It’s possible that the forum is only available after you pay.

Latest Update

In the weeks since I joined the free program with Easy Downlines my inbox has been PILING full of emails and offers from them just about every day. I also receive emails from other sites that seem different but it’s all the same people pitching slightly different things.

The first two training emails tell you to do this:

#1. Join 10 different Traffic Exchange sites
#2. Join 15 different Safelist sites 

I haven’t met a single new online marketer that even knows what these are, let alone how to use them. Safelists and Traffic Exchanges are a very time consuming way to get your message out to a closed audience (at least that was my experience).

Most new internet marketers are so overwhelmed with all there is to learn that the information given in these “trainings” sounds good on the surface, but to a skilled eye it’s just time wasting activities. 

#3. Then I get an email that has the subject line of “What’s The Most Powerful Ad You Can Put On Your Blog?‏” When you click through it is revealed as “Covert Messenger”. This is a plugin for $17.00 with this big bold title:

“Then We Travelled To The Dark Side Of The Internet & Came Back With This Simple Plugin That’s So Effective In Generating Clicks It’s Almost Bordering On Evil!” 

Really?…Isn’t that sweet. They went to the dark side of the internet just for little old me. I must be special.

#4. The third message came tied with this to it “Covert Geo Targeter”. This is another $17.00 plugin product that you “must” buy right now or that price will be gone forever.

 #5. Next, is an urgent offer to buy another exclusive marketing tool. This one is $1200 worth of PLR packages (Private Label Rights) for $14.95. You must hurry and buy it now. I received the email on February 10, 2014, I looked at the pitch again on March 15, 2014 and it was still up for sale. I guess it wasn’t that urgent after all. 

When I tried to close #5 it came up with a special offer just for me. It was another product on building a list and making money from it…for $97!

#6. Next, is an email for a product called “Authority Spy”. This product will analyze other websites and return results of the other related authority sites for you to connect with. There are 3 different membership levels: $27 once, $47 + $17 per month or $47 once.  This information can be useful for a professional marketer, however this information is well above the heads of new online marketers.

#7 and #8. Were pitches for “Ultimate Profit Empire” which is another $17 that they say you absolutely need to make money online. 

 #9. Is an aggressive pitch for lead buying and gathering system “Power Lead Snatcher” for $37 with a blatant threat to get you to buy now. It says: “Get it at a Low Payment (Before We Change to $247 and $97/month)”

#10. This is a pitch for “Covert Context” which is a product to apply text link ads on your site. Right now it’s $21.04 but as you know the price is going up at any minute.

#11. They just keep on sending more pitches for more products all with flashy sales pages. This one is “Facebook Cash Formula” for $14.95.

It just doesn’t end!

Easy Downlines Assessment 

These products are nearly useless for a new online marketer because they are new and they don’t have a website or mailing list yet nor gained any experience. The sales pages don’t mention anywhere that you need a good website with traffic before any of this will apply.

It’s easy to see how a new person to online marketing is so easily led astray. The sales pages of these products are deeply psychologically manipulating and you don’t even notice that what you are reading doesn’t make sense. There is no way for a new person to see through it.

The new person has no idea that many of these methods are very difficult and expensive to put into action. They send so many different (convincing) sales pitches that you are running in circles and have no idea what is good or what isn’t. They will wear you down and you will eventually buy one or more of the products.

I don’t recommend this at all. You will be in an endless loop of being pitched products that you think you need in order to be successful online. This is simply untrue and you will just end up broke. 

EDL RecapEasy Downlines Logo

Name: Easy Downlines

Price: The first entry point is free, Pro Plan $197
Owners: John Merrick, Soren Jordansen, Cindy Battye (Carol Foster?)
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100
Verdict: Not Recommended, Too Misleading

I hope you’ve found this review helpful.
Please leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve had experience with Easy Downlines.

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  1. Wow – that doesn’t sound like a very nice experience. Thanks for the head’s up.
    See, these scams are the reason I love Wealthy Affiliate so much – no bs, and genuine help and guidance

    have a lovely day!


    1. Thank you for commenting, I appreciate your time.

      It was actually quite amusing to keep pushing past the layers of changing prices and sales copy with a critical eye. To me it proves they operate on emotional manipulation. They will see just how many people break and at which pricing level it happened. This is probably valuable data for “them” when another shady product is launched.

      WA is a fantastic haven away from all of that. It’s a safe place to be and learn, with tons of awesome help and cool people.
      You’ll never be bullied by flashy sales pages ever again.

      Have a great day 🙂

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