Name: DotCom Income Secrets
DotCom Income

Price: $37.00 No Wait, Now Just…$9.97
Owners: Jerry Moore
Overall Rank: 3 out of 100
Verdict: Not Recommended

Product Overview

The sales pages are very colourful and easy to read. There are a lot of happy people smiling back at you from their sunny beach homes, fancy cars and their cash laden lives. Oh, what to do what to do??

May I please trade in my current financial issues for those ones?!

Pros and Cons

Pro #1 – We can thank them for making this an easy to spot bogus opportunity
Pro #2 -Two pros?…I don’t know…

Con #1 – There’s nothing here to indicate what you need to do to make this huge amount of money
Con #2 – The income stats page screenshots can easily be mocked up with Photoshop
Con #3 – It makes you feel like you’ve been denied some great money making secret
Con #4 – The testimonial links were bad in various ways, see below

Do Independent Research

Look down the testimonials column on the left of all the happy, happy people who are making tons of money using this online miracle collection of information.

DotCom Income Secrets Screenshot
#1 – This site did not even come up
#2 – This site activated my virus blocker, and returned the big red warning screen to get out
#3 Mike – Mike Filsaime is already very well known online. Do an independent Google search and see for yourself

Who is DotCom Income Secrets For?

This product aka opportunity is aimed directly at the millions of hopeful (sometimes financially desperate) people who are online looking for “work at home” methods of making money.
These people usually don’t yet know the characteristics of a bogus “opportunity” offer that’s full of a bunch of misleading information displayed with bright colors to distract you from your logical sense and make you pull out your credit card.

DotCom Income Secrets Oddities

I can see from the few sales pages there are on this side of the $9.97, that there is nothing to indicate (not even a little clue) what this great secret no one else has to making lots of money online is.

Psst…there are no secrets, you just need education and training.

All good opportunities will focus like crazy on the training, support and concrete usable elements to their product. 

This site mentions nothing about support or training, just hyper-focuses on the money everyone ,but you! is making.

The sales page just has stories upon stories about how these people with very little time invested just starting making money, so easily with barely any effort.

The best part is that the money just keeps flowing even when these people stop working at it. This is called Residual income and it only happens after a lot of effort.

There are little psychological tid bits dropped here and there to make you feel like the website author is “just like you”. This is a great example:

Quote – “Times are tough and I was once where you are – trying to figure out how to create an income online, but not sure of where to startI spent hundreds and hundreds of hours trying every type of money making system available.”

This is another good one:

Quote – “Every word of “DotCom Income Secrets” was written by me detailing the exact profit formula I use to Make Money Online. I still answer my own email, take my own phone calls, and work from a small home office something I didn’t have until recently.” Really?? 

Price of DCIS

This product appears to have been priced at $37.00, but right now it’s been reduced to just $9.97 for a limited time. There are instructions to order right away by the end of today!

Do you notice that ALL of these type websites have that…and they all say “order by the end of today” or the offer will be withdrawn.

Just so you know, that’s a plugin feature to their website that just displays the current date on the sales page to make you think you’ve stumbled across this great opportunity that you almost missed out on. 

My Final Verdict

This “opportunity” is pure to the bone scam. You can bet that there is no substance inside. Think about this: These products or so called opportunities really are just that. They are opportunities alright. But for who?
Not you, that’s for sure!

You are the unsuspecting opportunity for the person shamelessly running a misleading website with inflated claims intended only to part you from your hard earned money.

DotCom Income Secrets RecapDotCom Income Secrets

Owners: Jerry Moore
Price: Currently $9.97 
Overall Scam Rank: 3 out of 100
Verdict: Not Recommended

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Do you have an experience with DotCom Income Secrets?
Please leave a comment below about it, whether good or bad.

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