Clixsense – Does It Work?

Clixsense Review – Does It Work?


Pricing Levels: Free or $17 Premium membership

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Verdict: Not a scam. It’s a good program if you have endless hours to sit and click for pennies.

Clixsense Overview

Clixsense is a get paid to click ads program a long with other activities and elements that members can participate in to potentially increase earnings.

I joined Clixsense a long time ago, several years ago in fact. At the time I was very, very new to the internet, completely green at trying to make money online and barely understood computers in general.

I got into the system and started watching ads. It seemed easy enough so I spent a lot of hours and some days doing this.

Each time I’d complete watching a 30 second ad and I would see a penny or two go in to my account. That looked cool for a short while until I worked out the math on that. 

According to the math I did, I’d have to watch ads literally every single second of the day in order to even get close to making any usable money with it. This of course is impossible. 

They have other tasks, games and activities in place that you can earn higher pay from. If you mix up the activities and continuously do them then you might make some money. 

How to Earn Money with Clixsense

The Pros

Pro #1 – It’s a simple, easy to execute program
Pro #2 – It’s very low cost
Pro #3 – It’s been around a long time
Pro #4 – It’s a worldwide group, with happy members
Pro #5 – Clixsense is active and has a lot of member resources
Pro #6 – They don’t claim that you will get rich with it

The Cons

Con #1 – It pays pennies
Con #2 – In some cases it’s a fraction of a penny
Con #3 – Must complete dozens of tasks and surveys to earn anything
Con #4 – The time required to build up to real money long
Con #5 – Most of the earnings I saw posted from members were just a few cents
Con #6 – The homepage is “busy” and can be overwhelming
Con #7 – “Get paid to click ads” is only part of what’s needed to make money

Who is Clixsense For?

Clixsense is a made for those who want to earn money online on their own terms from home. It’s aimed at beginners because it’s a simple “get paid to do” type program.

The referrals are the people that you find and attract through promoting your own affiliate link.

In order to make any real money you need to focus on signing up referrals. This is kind of like a network marketing system. Network marketing in itself is not bad.

The referrals must be clicking on your links for you to get paid and for you to have any hope of residual income.

How many people do you think that will take if you earn 1 cent or 2 cents per click?

I’ll save you the effort of trying to figure it out, you’ll need thousands of referrals to make a very small amount of money each month.

Clixsense Tasks

One thing you can do is click and watch 20 second ads. Then get paid 1 or two cents for doing that, sometimes you would be paid less than a penny.

A lot of the posts I looked at had rewards of .0008 cents and those in that similar range with far to many zeros AFTER the decimal point.

When I was a member I felt very overwhelmed with the whole system, to me it was very complicated and confusing.

I could figure out a little bit at the time and I only got paid a few pennies for a ton of time spent so I quit doing it and realized that I needed to step back a learn a lot more about making money online.

Clixsense Support

There is a large support forum that has many active members encouraging each other. The moderators are present and the forum seems to be under control.

There is a support ticket system, a helpdesk as well as a list of FAQ’s. 

These are the advertised benefits that a person gets when they become a member of Clixsense.

Clixsense Member Benefits

Clixsense Oddities

The biggest problem that I could find with this program was around the effectiveness of the ads that are present throughout all of the activities on the site. 

People who want to earn money join so they can view and click ads to get paid. Companies pay to put their ads on Clixsense to increase exposure.

The hole in the plan here is that the viewers are not interested and engaged in the ads they are watching. They are only looking at them just long enough to get paid. 

This isn’t going to equate into a qualified buyer or new customer for the company. 

It’s a Long Time Until $$

I’ve spent a good deal of time poking around in the forum. I found an old post from a free member who wanted to upgrade but couldn’t afford the $17 joining fee.

He inquired about how long it would take to earn that amount as a free member so that he could join.

The answer was amazing. He was told that $17 in clicks would take a while.

It was also stated that if one was to also begin referring people, being busy with other activities on the site and playing the ClixGrid, one might get there sooner.

I would think that it should be a lot easier than that to earn less than $20.

A different member stated that it would take her 5 months to earn $17 a her current effort level.

That’s a little too long to in my opinion to work and wait for that amount of money.

Another member stated that if a person was to only click on the minimum number of daily guaranteed ads, it would take 12 months to earn $15.60! 

This number can be grown much larger, faster if you bring in referrals and apply all of the programs within Clixsense.

My Verdict of Clixsense

It’s A LOT of hours to spend to earn such a small amount of money. 

If you have nothing but time on your hands then maybe you can make a go of this.

However, in my opinion if you have that much time to kill then I’d recommend that you get started with building your own website

This opportunity may be better if you live in a country where the US currency equates differently, but for the most part this is not a good use of time for the few pennies that you’ll get when it’s compared to other opportunities.

Clixsense Quick Recap

Website: www.clixsense.comClixsense

Pricing Levels: Free or $17 Premium membership

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

Verdict: Not a scam. It’s a good program if you have endless hours to sit and click for pennies.

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