Chris Farrell Membership Review


Price Points:
$1 for the first week, then $37 per month after that
$997 optional Mentoring Program

Creator: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100
Verdict: Good for new internet marketers, not suitable for pros or seasoned webmasters.

Chris Farrell Membership Review

Chris Farrell Membership Homepage

What is the Chris Farrell Membership?

The Chris Farrell Membership is a 21 day training program for new internet marketers. The training material teaches those with no technical experience how to get started in online marketing.

Chris Farrell is new to the internet marketing arena but has been very successful with his product in the short length of time he’s been around.

His charisma and likability in the videos make him appealing to watch and listen to.

He’s honest about the fact that making money online takes time and is open about it not being easy. This makes him more believable and trustworthy.

The Pros

Pro #1 – Chris Farrell himself stands behind the product
Pro #2 – Website templates make it easy to start quickly
Pro #3 – It’s a Clickbank product so refunds are open for 60 days
Pro #4 – The training is simple and easy to understand
Pro #5 – Geared for beginners and is non-threatening
Pro #6 – The videos make it easier for the visual learners

The Cons

Con #1 – There is no active “community”
Con #2 – Training materials are not cutting edge
Con #3 – The additional coaching costs A LOT of money
Con #4 
Some of the training videos are outdated
Con #5 –
Overall training is limited to the beginner level

CFM Target Audience

This product is aimed squarely at the new internet marketer and offers decent instructions on how to get your own website started.

Unlike many opportunity products that over-inflate the truth, the CFM is straight forward about the fact that online income takes time and effort to achieve.

CFM Training

The back office contains a series of short “bite-sized” training videos spanning 21 days worth of lessons. 

These videos take you through the purchase and set up of a domain name, hosting, autoresponders and other basic elements of the foundation of a new website.

There are videos and training material on how to create high quality content and also other training lessons on how to write your own product, such as an e-book.

The current members are very happy with the program and report that there is lots of information and learning material to use. I suppose the acceptable level of this if different for everyone.

10 Minutes to Success

One of the video series is called “10 Minutes to Success”. Really…10 minutes!? I thought it was 31 days but ok.

Anyway, this is a 31 part course of short videos.

The subjects discussed include, how to find hosting for a domain name and then how to build a website on it. The series also has information on how to install autoresponders and more.

This is a great example referring to this course, I found this deep in a comment thread:

“The course is designed to be completed over 31 days. I was able to do it in 2 days…”

In my opinion if it’s possible for someone (pre-existing level of skill unknown) to complete a 31 day course in only two days, then I think the course is far too simplistic and stretched out. 

To me it sounds like the course could be much more concise and effective to teach more within the 31 videos.

Even if a person completed the course in 15 days, it would still be too basic and stretched out.

Chris Farrell Membership Support

There is a forum with a sizable membership. However, the forum is not active on a daily basis. The owner Chris Farrell can rarely be found in the forum for help, but is very helpful when you do.

I’m sure he’s very busy, his absence isn’t necessarily a bad thing if there is a solid community backing him up while he’s away. 

The website shows a phone number to call for member support but some members still report a lack of support from the team behind the product.

The community of people and the feeling of a helping environment is lacking. The “alive” nature of the community is not nearly as vibrant as this one.

CFM Oddities

Personally, I don’t like any website that starts with an auto-play sales video. You aren’t even a chance to look at and absorb the landing page before it starts and all too often it starts playing way too loud.

I find this kind of marketing to be very intrusive and bordering on rude.

I will click off a site (even a great site) with an auto-play sales video immediately and most likely never return. 

Verdict of the Chris Farrell Membership

The CFM is a good price point and affordable for many people. This membership site is a good place for aspiring webmasters to get their feet wet and learn the basics of online marketing and website building.

However, if you wish to build to a higher level and learn advanced online marketing then this program will not be enough to get you there.

For the same cost as the $997 Mentoring program with CFM, you can buy almost 2 YEARS (21 months) worth of membership in this cutting edge training community and forum. 

As a beginner it would be ok to start with the Chris Farrell program so as to avoid becoming overwhelmed. However, if you stick with it you will run out of teaching material fairly quickly.

Do you have experience with the Chris Farrell Membership? Was it good or was it bad? Share your story and help others make an informed decision.

Thank you!


Chris Farrell Membership Recap

Website: www.chrisfarrellmembership.comChris Farrell Membership Homepage

Price Points:
$1 for the first week, then $37 per month after that
$997 optional Mentoring Program

Creator: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100
Verdict: Good for new internet marketers, not suitable for pros or seasoned webmasters.

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