CB Passive IncomeName: CB Passive Income
Website: www.cbpassiveincome.com
Price Points:

  • CBPI License Program  $47
  • CBPI Pro Version  $97 as a one-time upsell
  • Fast Cash Series Membership $47 per month
  • Fast Cash Series Annual Membership $197 per year

Owner: Patric Chan
Launched: 2013

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100
Verdict: Jury is still out, but it looks ok.

CB Passive Income OverviewCB Passive Income

Mmm…passive income. (think Homer Simpson)
What a tantalizing title! Who doesn’t want money without effort?

CB Passive income is a lead generation system. What’s that?

A lead generation system is basically a squeeze page (single page website)  promoted for the sole intent of gathering email addresses. They can be set up for more, but most of them are single page with sales copy or a video pitch.

The email list is then used to send future offers to. This is done through a “double opt-in” system where you have to confirm that you want the information. The double opt-in system is how SPAM issues are avoided. 

I was perplexed upon first inspection of CB Passive Income, it didn’t set off the immediate red flags of a scam. I started digging.

The reviews I found from various sources all had good reports and positive impressions about the product and the person behind the website, the creator of the product himself. 

This is highly unusual when talking about a Clickbank product. Clickbank has always had a bit of a reputation for listing less than good quality products in their Marketplace.

It’s pretty easy to flush out the misleading and scam type products if you know what to look for. I couldn’t find very much in the sales pages of this one to indicate it was blatantly misleading, believe me I was looking for it.

The Pros & Cons

Pro #1 – The product doesn’t immediately set off the scam radar
Pro #2 – Patric Chan is an established author on Amazon (and in the bookstores) with good reviews
Pro #3 – Owner invites you to email him, the shady characters pitching scams usually hide
Pro #4 – The people stating testimonials on his site are from those with good, current, still functioning websites
Pro #5 – Does not claim to be a magic money fountain with only 5 clicks
Pro #6 – Not MLM
Pro #7 – Hosting fees are included

Con #1 – It seems to good to be true, you don’t have to do anything to get money (never true)
Con #2 – the $47 level doesn’t allow you any control over the building of list or website
Con #3 – The sales pages use some of the tell tale language of a misleading program 
Con #4 – There are a few upsells behind the original $47 charge
Con #5 – Each upsell claims you can make more money over the last level, usually it’s only the owner of the product that makes more in a case like that
Con #6 – Doesn’t say what you do have to do to make the system work

Who is CBPI For?

This product is aimed at helping new people find their way into the business of creating online income.  

Tools and Training

There’s training videos and marketing courses. They say its a very automated system and you do very little to achieve this income, but they stop short of saying what does have to be done.

With more digging I found that the biggest problem that I could see with this program is that it all depends on you being able to promote the ads and banners which means you need to generate the traffic to your link. This is a tough thing to do for someone new to internet marketing, you just don’t know how yet.

CB Passive Income Support

The owner seems to stand behind the product and be available if you want to email him. He invites you to email him for any reason. I’m yet to test this though.

CB Passive Income Oddities

The sales pages and videos are believable and not to inflated to make you think you are being had.  

Lead generation (traffic building) is one, if not the single biggest hurdle to creating online income. So the “one simple task” you must do with this system is quite challenging. This isn’t mentioned.

My Opinion of CBPI

I think this product can be good if you know how to get traffic or already have a website with some traffic. Ultimately I would conclude that this product isn’t the best for complete beginners. That is, unless you are willing to learn to generate traffic and be patient until that happens.

This product is also not good for advanced internet marketers either because they will find it too restrictive and not doesn’t offer enough control to the highly skilled webmaster.

So this leaves the intermediate group, those that already have their feet wet in the online marketing business and a website started.

I think this product is best for intermediate webmasters because you likely already have a little bit of traffic to your site. This will be easier to build upon and the basic understanding you have at this level will help immensely in getting started.

 CBPI Quick Recap

Name: CB Passive Income
Website: www.cbpassiveincome.com
Price Points:

  • CBPI License Program  $47
  • CBPI Pro Version  $97  as a one-time upsell
  • Fast Cash Series Membership $47 per month
  • Fast Cash Series Annual Membership $197 per year

Owner: Patric Chan
Launched: 2013
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100
Verdict: The jury is still out, but it looks ok. Be quick to leave if you don’t find the value you’re looking for.

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