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Which one are you?

The employee environment is perfectly suitable for a lot of people, many people even excel at it and climb the career ladders easily.

Tall Ladder ClipartWhile at the same time many other people struggle with it, don’t climb ladders and despite being very talented and skilled still don’t fit in well or excel at being an employee.

Look at your past

What is your work history like? Have you had one job for a long time? Or have you found yourself in a long string of less than satisfying jobs over the years? Do your co-workers seem to be getting younger and younger? The day I noticed that my manager was younger than my daughter was quite a disturbing moment.

It seems that each new job you’ve gotten starts out well and you’re full of new ideas and energy. You know you’re capable of the job, learn fast and need little supervision in most cases.

But something always seems to go sideways within a few months or just a few years and it’s usually unclear as to what has gone wrong. It could be that conflicts come up or there are issues with managers. You just need to leave the job.

Is there a pattern?

If this pattern has been happening to you for a long time or maybe even your entire work life then there might be something else at play here and other factors are likely involved. I always thought there was something wrong with me when I couldn’t fit into these jobs. But it turns out that I was never meant to.

It’s the same for you, it’s possible that you may not be the right personality type to fit into the employee mold. You might be better off and happier as a 

For those that have done many different jobs over the years and across many different fields, you’ve likely gathered numerous and various skills that make you able to do a lot of things.

Through that you’ve developed a lot of useful knowledge and a very diverse set of skills. This allows you to do many different tasks really well.

It’s sad to say but in some of cases independent thought, new ideas and change are not welcomed and can be frowned upon in some companies. This is where the employee situation and the entrepreneur personality clash. 

Consider this:Your New Business Storefront

Your personality type and varied skill set may make you more suited to entrepreneurship rather than being an employee in someone else’s company.

You could very well find greater happiness through creating and running your own business.

Some people are made to fit as an employee and some people are not. If you determine that you are not then it’s time to think in a different and much more bold way. Congratulations! I see not fitting in as a gift!

Here are some of the major differences in characteristics between employees and entrepreneurs:


  • Gains comfort from the security of a regular paycheck
  • Avoids employment uncertainty
  • Likes being in a comfort zone
  • Has a shorter term vision
  • Has a set job description and a fixed skill set

Entrepreneurial Qualities:

  • Ok with getting paid a variable amount depending on business. This can sometimes be $0 at the end of two weeks.
  • Is willing to venture forth before knowing the final outcome
  • Enjoys the stimulation and thrill of being outside the comfort zone
  • Does not conform well to the rules set by others
  • Has the ability to make short term decisions at the same time as foresee several years forward and project future outcomes through those short term decisions
  • An entrepreneur has to get things done no matter what. Regardless if it’s meeting with a client in the evening, making phone calls, learning a new computer program or planning a new sales pitch, there is always something to be done.
  • Have a willingness to learn how the numbers work. The success of your business depends on being able to keep costs and expenses low without compromising quality in order to maximize profits.

Which group of characteristics sounds more like you?

If you’re not sure what group you’re in from looking at the chart above then you may want to look into completing some personality and skills analysis activities.

There are several companies and websites around where you can assess your personality characteristics through various questions to find out what yours is.

Type “personality and skills testing” into Google and it’ll bring up some free choices and also some paid testing services. Choose the one(s) that suit you the best.

If it’s determined that you are a better fit to the multi-skilled group it’s possible that you are a “multipotentialite”…huh, what’s that?? At the root this word refers to having “multiple potentials”. 


This word that refers to someone who is very capable and skilled at many different things…and wants to do them all at once. This is something that doesn’t blend well with the mold that a typical employee is supposed to fit in.

Most entrepreneurs are multipotentialites. Additionally, many entrepreneurs, inventors, artists and performers have ADD, ADHD or some other “behavioural disorder”. These ‘disorders’ are not necessarily a bad thing!

This is the Wikipedia definition:

Multipotentiality is an educational and psychological term referring to the ability of a person, particularly one of intellectual or artistic curiosity, to excel in two or more different fields. 

It can also refer to an individual whose interests span multiple fields or areas, rather than being strong in just one. Such individuals are called “multipotentialites.” On the contrary, those whose interests lie mostly within a single field are called “specialists.”

People in this position would be wise to hear and understand Robert Kiyosaki’s words from his first book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

At a very young age, he was taught by his Rich Dad:
“Don’t climb the ladder…OWN it!”

These words rang in his and my own head over and over again until they sunk in. Some people are meant to climb the ladder and some are meant to build and own the ladders for other people to climb.

Do you know what group you are more suited to?

If you’ve had trouble fitting into traditional jobs then you could very well be an entrepreneur stuck in an employee’s body!

Leave me a comment below and share your experiences.

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