What is OneLink?

OneLink expands the opportunity to make money with Amazon as an associate significantly. It’s a simple snippet of code that you add to your website that connects more than one Amazon account. 

Why is OneLink a great idea?

Since websites appear online globally, it’s fair to say that your website will eventually get visitors from many countries around the world.
Amazon OneLink

The problem is that Amazon operates in only 11 countries right now and they are all treated separately. So up until now, as an associate you were required to choose just one Amazon to work with exclusively.

Most people join Amazon USA because it is the largest, busiest and most popular of them all. Amazon UK and Amazon Canada are in second and third place.

Where does this leave your earning power?

Limited is where. This is the situation, you’ve built a website using links exclusively from Amazon USA but your site gets a visitor from the UK. When they decide to buy, they switch over to the Amazon UK site to complete the purchase.

This is where it ends for you. The links don’t transfer over and you lose the visitor and any potential commission on their sales, even though you put in the effort to bring the customer to Amazon.

OneLink Starting Screen

The Solution

It’s the Amazon OneLink. This is a newly released system provided by Amazon that allows you, as an associate, to connect your Amazon USA, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada accounts together. Now you can earn commission from visitors to your site from all three of those regions. Brilliant!

Pros of OneLink

It’s an easy to install a simple code snippet
It’s provided by Amazon so you know it’s safe and approved
No need to change all of the existing links on your site (whew!)
Set it so that your visitor stays on Amazon USA if there are no matching products on Amazon UK or Amazon Canada

Amazon Canada

In my experience, Amazon Canada has FAR fewer products and a VERY limited selection compared to Amazon USA. OneLink has a solution for this.

Inside your Amazon account in the OneLink feature is a place to select “Exact Match” or “Close Match”. This is where you can decide if your visitor will stay where they are or be redirected to their home Amazon for the exact product or something similar.

OneLink Redirect Preferences

If their home amazon branch has the exact product then it will switch, but if there isn’t an exact match and you’ve selected “exact match” then it will stay on the Amazon they currently are.

If you select “close match” then the system will recommend products that it sees as very similar to the originally searched product.

All in all, I think this is a great improvement to the Amazon Associates program and as publishers, we should all see an increase in clicks and sales with these additional geographic areas included and connected.

Do you have experience with OneLink already? Leave a comment and tell me how it’s been for you. Have you seen more sales?

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