Amazon aStore logoAmazon offers several tools to help their associates create product links and banners of all sorts to help promote the products.

One of these tools has been the Amazon aStore. If you don’t know what an aStore is, then not to worry you’re not missing much.

The aStore is where you could build a little ‘store’ with your chosen Amazon products and feature it on your website. This was often displayed in a sidebar widget or even in the text of a post.

When I first began building my websites and becoming familiar with Amazon and affiliate links, I used aStores and set up a few of them.

aStore Example

Amazon aStore ExampleIt took me quite a while to fill it with products and get it displaying properly. This, to the right, is an example of what a large aStore would have looked like. This one is quite extensive and features all of Paula Deen’s cookware. It’s fairly easy to see from this example that it’s just a list of products plucked from Amazon.

I was a slow learner and it wasn’t easy for me to figure out how to fill an aStore correctly. Even after I did figure it out, I didn’t see any clicks or sales using my aStores.

Some websites and webmasters out there will tell you that aStores are great and that they have seen good monetary returns from them. These people must be few and far between compared to how many people actually try to promote Amazon products.

Amazon itself considers there to be not enough people succeeding from them for it to be a system that is worthy of retaining support.

Then, I got some advice from a long time fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate. He told me to skip the aStore feature altogether and just add the product links to the content of my posts using the text link builder and the images from Amazon.

This is what I’ve been doing ever since then with quite a bit more success. It also seems like I wasn’t the only one dumping the aStore and going it on my own. The aStore will officially be retired on October 27, 2017.

The aStore is being Retired Because…

  1. They have a very low usage rate by associates
  2. New and experienced associates alike are not setting them up
  3. Existing aStores aren’t being updated or maintained by associates
  4. The aStore is essentially an ad widget that isn’t recognized by search engines
  5. Because of #4, the aStore doesn’t help drive traffic to the site
  6. It’s very difficult to write quality content around an aStore
  7. aStores are not mobile friendly, they’re not responsive
  8. A click into the aStore doesn’t set the cookie attribution so you won’t get credit for any sales made

These are the major reasons why the aStore is being retired and no longer a recommended tool to promote Amazons products.

Text Links

Text links have by far been the most lucrative way for me to promote products on your website. I’ve made more sales on single word text hyperlinks than I ever have from an aStore or even an image link.

I highly recommend that you join the Amazon associates program and use their brand power to boost your website by promoting many of the great products they offer.

The aStore isn’t a recommended feature anyway, so we as associates are not losing anything by having them retire the feature.

We can hope that they’ll replace it with something better in the future. But even if they don’t, then we still have many other link building tools to help create our sites with. This will ultimately provide more return than the aStores ever did and we will see more commission in our pockets.

Leave a comment and tell me your experience with the aStore.

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