Name: Affiilorama
Price: 30 day Free Trial and then $67 per month after that
Owners: Mark Ling
Launched: 2006
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100, Not necessarily a scam but definitely overpriced
Verdict: Check it out with the 30 day free trial, that’ll be enough time to tell if it’s worth your hard earned dollars
(Remember to cancel within 30 days if it’s not what you want)

Affilorama OverviewAffilorama

Affilorama is a paid membership training forum where you can learn online marketing. They offer training videos, a forum and other written materials in which to learn internet marketing.

You must buy website building software separately, therefore Affilorama is not free as the image below suggests.Affilorama It's Free

The Pros & Cons

Pro #1 – It seems to cover the basics, suitable for beginners
Pro #2 – They provide hosting with membership fee
Pro #3 – They have a Canadian phone number, it’s easy to find

Con #1 –  To me the name Affilorama has a “circus” connotation to it. It doesn’t command respect in my opinion
Con #2 – Free hosting is limited to 15 domains
Con #3 – They keep referring to “stealth” and “domination” tactics (feels a bit shady to me)
Con #4 – They provide PLR articles without mentioning the fact that without a lot of editing, they are considered duplicate content
Con #5 –  Some of the training methods are very outdated (ad posting and Squidoo lenses for example)
Con #6 –  Quite costly for what you get in return
Con #7 – Requires separate website building software, first one recommended is Artisteer at $49.95 or $129.95 extra. Others Such as Dreamweaver are outlined but ALL cost extra on top of your monthly fee.

Who is Affilorama For?

It seems that most products and opportunities online today are aimed at the new online marketer who don’t know what’s involved in actually creating income online.

They can’t tell that the fancy words being thrown around on these sales pages are either outdated, complete BS or exaggerated at the very least.

Tools and Training

  • Live affiliate training
  • 15 software tools (that claim “market domination”)
  • Stealth affiliate marketing tactics
  • Several hours of cutting edge videos
  • 30 high quality ‘Done For You’ articles each month
    (what is “Done for You” mean?)
  • Free hosting for up to 15 websites

Affilorama Support

There doesn’t seem to be anything listed on the outside as far as what support is offered. The “Support” tab on the home page does nothing other than bring up a contact form for you to email them. 

Affilorama Oddities

Their sales page for the Premium membership among other features lists this exact quote: “30 Quailty PLR Articles Every Month”

The first problem is that PLR and Quality don’t belong in the same sentence.

Affilorama Typo
Notice anything? The second problem is the word “Quality”. Even if PLR articles were a good method, I’ve got no confidence in the quality of their articles because they can’t even spell “QUALITY” properly!

“Private Label Rights” material include articles or ebooks and other things that can be sold over and over again to many people.  The first thing that is commonly recommended with using PLR articles is to REWRITE EVERY SENTENCE. Think about that…

Why not just write your own article from scratch? Chances are very good that you’ll be able write a fresh article faster than you can edit and fix an already overused and oversold article written by someone else. You are much better off learning to write your own original material (in your own style) right from the beginning.

Regarding Con #7:

If you were to choose Artisteer as they recommend, look at the fees you will be paying BEFORE YOU HAVE EVEN STARTED ANYTHING:

Presuming you were led here from Traffic Travis at $97 per year,
then Affilorama at $67 per month and then, Artisteer at $129.95 per year.

If you divide those out, you’ll be committed to pay approximately $85 per month ($2.83 per day) before you start! Who knows what upsells are coming after those three.

My Opinion of Affilorama

This membership community looks as though it may have some good learning material in it. I have doubts about the cutting edge nature of it though. There are 5 tabs on this training menu. Affilorama Training Dashboard
The price is too high, in my opinion. I believe there is probably some real training in there but they refer to “tactics” and “dominating the market”. Those are shady words in my opinion.

They even say you can make money online without a website. Any credible, good quality training will tell you that you must have your own unique website (no cookie cutter types) to build solid, reliable income online.

Take a wild guess what methods they say will work for making money online without a website…

  • Posting on blogs and forums 
  • Writing a viral eBook (the odds of writing anything viral are very low)
  • Writing ads or reviews for classifieds websites (You have to post thousands upon thousands of them to have any hope of making money)
  • Building a Squidoo lens (Outdated, hit hard by Google updates)
  • Promoting affiliate products directly through pay-per-click advertisements (Pay per click is not recommended for beginners)

Affilorama Quick RecapAffilorama

Name: Affilorama
Price: 30 day Free Trial and then $67 per month after that
Owners: Mark Ling
Launched: 2006

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100, Not necessarily a scam but definitely overpriced

Verdict: Check it out with the 30 day free trial, that’ll be enough time to tell if it’s worth that many of your hard earned dollars
(Remember to cancel before 30 days is up if it’s not what you want)

Do you have an experience with Affilorama?
Was it positive or was it negative? Please comment and share your experiences with this opportunity.

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