How to Install Amazon OneLink

Amazon OneLink

Amazon OneLink is very, very easy to install. Once you’ve applied your settings and linked your accounts, the next step is to obtain your code snippet. They call this your “OneTag”. This tag is found by clicking Step 2 from your “Get Started” screen. A code that looks like this will appear with your Amazon affiliate codes already embedded in it. Select and copy this code to your clipboard. Amazon recommends that you put this

Amazon OneLink – What’s That?

What is OneLink? OneLink expands the opportunity to make money with Amazon as an associate significantly. It’s a simple snippet of code that you add to your website that connects more than one Amazon account.  Why is OneLink a great idea? Since websites appear online globally, it’s fair to say that your website will eventually get visitors from many countries around the world. The problem is that Amazon operates in only 11 countries right now

Amazon aStore is Retiring

Amazon offers several tools to help their associates create product links and banners of all sorts to help promote the products. One of these tools has been the Amazon aStore. If you don’t know what an aStore is, then not to worry you’re not missing much. The aStore is where you could build a little ‘store’ with your chosen Amazon products and feature it on your website. This was often displayed in a sidebar widget

Don’t Fall for Short Cuts!

Once you start building your website and get a little bit familiar with how to get posts up properly and learn to write smoothly, it becomes easy to start looking for short cuts. I don’t mean short cuts when you’re out for a walk in the afternoon. I mean short cuts in the form of plugins that might help you gain traffic faster or get more exposure for your website in social media among other

How to Easily Write Content

Now that you have the subject chosen and the framework of your website together, it’s time to start writing the content. The term “Content” refers to all the posts, pages, images and information that you publish on your site. It’s the ‘meat’ or all the ‘stuff” of your website. Still selecting a niche? Figuring out what to write about can be a massive challenge all by itself. If you still need to choose a niche, read more

What is Online Affiliate Marketing?

I’m sure you’ve heard that affiliate marketing is a good business to get in to and it’s possible to make some decent money. I’m betting that some of you still may have questions about affiliate marketing and want to understand exactly… what is online affiliate marketing and how can you get started doing it too… The first step is that you’re going to need a website or a blog to do it. It’s very important that your

Manifestation Miracle Review

Manifestation Miracle Review Website: Manifestation Miracle (.com) Price: $47.00 with optional Upsells Topic: Law of Attraction and Manifestation Purpose: To teach a person how to create the life they want through the power of thought, gratitude and specific energy output. The Manifestation Miracle This product is based on the principles of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is not new, the concept has been around for over 100 years or maybe longer. There are

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Good question. I’m glad you asked! It’s probably a question you’ve been wondering about for a while. You want to know if Wealthy affiliate is a scam or not. Is it or isn’t it?  I understand that funds are often tight and it’s impossible afford to make an incorrect decision or waste money on a half baked make money online product.  While researching WA, you’re going to find people who have opinions on both sides of

How to Make Money Online with a Website

Do you think it’s impossible to make money online with a website? It’s not. Do you think it’s just a bunch of scammers selling garbage products to millions of unsuspecting online dream hunters? No, it’s not. Does anyone really make money online with a website? Yes, definitely. I can tell you for certain that many good, honest, helpful and hard working people make money online every month. Some of these people make a lot of

Are You an Employee or an Entrepreneur?

Which one are you? The employee environment is perfectly suitable for a lot of people, many people even excel at it and climb the career ladders easily. While at the same time many other people struggle with it, don’t climb ladders and despite being very talented and skilled still don’t fit in well or excel at being an employee. Look at Yourself How is your work history? Have you had one job for a long time?

Top 5 Ways to Make Money from Home

Top 5 Ways to Make Money from Home 1. Freelance Writing 2. Blogging 3. Social Media Manager 4. Affiliate Marketing 5. Customer Service from Home Let’s take a look at each one of these opportunities in a little more detail. Freelance Writing A freelance writer is simply a self employed person who writes for one or more publications and then gets paid for it. If you have a strong command of the English language and

The New SEO – What’s That?

The New SEO SEO is SEO, right? New or old, it’s always the same, isn’t it? Not really. Just like the internet itself, SEO is an ever changing, multi-layered element to online marketing that never holds the same rules for very long. Content Marketing One type of website promotion is referred to as content marketing. Some people are beginning to refer to this as the “new SEO”. This is the process of making your website content

What is a Premium Theme?

What is a premium theme? Once you get comfortable with setting up your theme and your site is starting to look good, you may find yourself a little stuck. You might find that the theme just doesn’t seem to have enough settings or choices to get it just the way you want.  Professional webmasters will most likely choose a Premium theme to work with because of these limitations. Many theme creators will produce a free

How to Choose a Theme

What is a theme anyway? A theme is basically the “skin” or the “clothing” that you put on your website. It’s the layout. It’s the design. It’s how many columns you have. It’s the sidebars and widgets. It’s how the header or featured slider is presented. It’s the design foundation of your website and how it looks. These are all important considerations because visual appeal and a website’s ease of use has a lot to do with a

Local Mobile Monopoly Review

Local Mobile Monopoly Review Pricing: $77 Website: Creators: Adam Horowitz & Tim Donovan Overall Rank: 80 out of 100 Verdict: This type of marketing is a lot harder than it first seems. It’s definitely harder than the sales pages lead you to believe. The suggested methods outlined in this opportunity do not work as promised and you won’t be able to create sales. LMM Overview This is a product that says it will provide all of the